Wednesday, August 20, 2014

aug 20,2014
i have a thing to write which is going to take me a while... so a short doggie..

i am supposed to "say a few words" at the mass vet conference about hte human/animal bond...and i have realized they are expecting dogs and cats  when my real teachers have been lucy the pig and mary the donkey... so to keep that to a few words is going to be difficult
but try i must.

i had this email from nancy  re  the cards and letters--- so keep them coming....

Larry seems better.  Is loving the cards!  We took Ruckus to a snack bar at the beach for dinner tonight and then watched the sunset.  Larry and she worked so well together - I think the training has really helped so much.  he is talking to her so much more, and not getting as anxious even when she is quite puppy-ish with the seagulls and beach people.

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