Tuesday, August 26, 2014

aug 26 2014
i never should have started--- but --- i need a house phone in the t tent-  and i got to reading about  this wireless home phone number-- 

i have outgrown my ability to understand tech things... i have asked veriazon to get my house phone in the t tent and it has not happened--- so i read this ad.. got on live chat-- and the first thing he/she/it asked  was why can't verizon do it??  how on earth do i know?   but they dont.

so to add to that ........it is about our upstairs toilet---- i had no idea it was the problem that  i am now told it is...  apparently ... it  whistles-- constantly  like a fire alarm...... is this the problem tim is having with the microphone???... but being more than slightly deaf... who knew???

since sheila was here for the discussiion, it became a study in logic... she says the flap.....-- i do not see how  it can be the lower flap thing  because that is underwater, and to make a whistle sound, air has to be involved..  that w/c is the highest plumbing on the property, so my assumption is any air in the line is tooting out that little pipe...... my solution is to change the shape of the  end of that pipe-- and it should at least change the pitch of the noise...  hand a paperclip over the end... something...

if sheila thinks she can make a noise underwater,, it is going to be an interesting day with buckets of water.......

the rest of the story is that i have thought for years i have tintinitis-- now i find it maybe only a plumbing problem outside my head????
Today's message from Dana:
I will have the sign ready for installation the end of the week. The two 6" wide holes need to be 58” apart center to center and 30 inches deep.
See you later in the week.

other than that.......
we are off and running...