Saturday, August 30, 2014

aug 30.2014

i need to get supplies for  some of the jobs... like painting--

and get some squares of plywood prepared  for  painting numbers on them to label all the doors around here.... the chicken coop used to be door 40  because i found a big sign with  a 40 on it... and we had another-- long gon  number 29=

i would like just random--- 2 digit  numbers--- painted on the plywood squares..   in prep we should get a base coat of a solid color--- and use up some of the odd paint we have.  numbers to be chosen at random...

if we get going,, proper numbers of the kennels would be good--- 1-10 on one side and   a b c d   on the other...  then the deagle and nutt house need labels too.  ( smaller  plywood...)-- and the gates to pastures.  the "v" pen is the only one labeled ... 

and then the tidy types can have a picnic with what was a nice tidy wood shed--- it needs to be emptied and re-loaded  

and if it rains-- the wall storage of the arena could stand some help-- along with  hanging bush clinton and perot...

so we should  have fun-- 

project of the day-- get the bees out of th e teepee- apparently some have moved in...
and go to home depot for supplies-- 2x4's for the laundry bathroom-- jack said he might be able to frame it tomorrow...

grace is moving to boxford sunday---to tracy's apt...  she is going to need help... she will  not be in to work today--- 

so if anyone has the time.... come on down...

last night's nutty prof was a last minute deal i had forgotten about...  in scotland, we ate kit-kats in the math dept meetings.. because..
this will be difficult to descrobe--- but if you sat a  rectangular kit kat  on it's foil wrapper squarely, there was not enough foil to cover it...  but if you sat it  almost diagionally there was enough-- so they were saving foil by their clever wrapping... it does work-- try it.

Hi, Carlene!

I did some research and it looks like McDonald's does do employee matching funds.  The link below has details about how who they support, and how the employees can request matches.

Thanks for everything you do!

Sorry I won't be at Dog Fest, but I hope I can make it up there for a visit in the fall.

Warmest Regards,

Alicia De Sena

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  1. Good luck getting the farm ready for Dogfest, hope you meet your goals before the crowd desceends! It's so nice of you to give back to those who support SDP in the virtual world. I hope everyone enjoys their visit with the volunteers and the real stars, the Danes!