Saturday, August 9, 2014

aug   9 2014
bad news--- joanne had an accident in boston and lydia got loose and is running.  i can not imagine she could survive-- a black dog running in boston traffic..  it happened last night at about 10pm  and i have heard nothing since.

now i  hope we did chip her-- and that joanne sent in the paperwork--  in case she ends up being caught--- which i also can not imagine.

experience comes from bad experience

 and this is pretty bad.  all we can do is pray she made it somehow...
i have to get on the GE project-- 20 people coming to help--  i need more paint etc


  1. Lydia is found, after an anxious morning and early afternoon.

  2. According to the SDP Facebook page, Lydia is fine, except for a small cut on one of her pads. It could have been far worse; she crossed a high-traffic road. I think it being the weekend helped; the traffic was less than it would have been during the week.