Wednesday, August 13, 2014

sperm has been ordered sent from california to a dr william truesdale of seekonk-- who  has liquid nitrogen storage capabilities... we own 14 "straws"  of nahbay's sperm....apparently we will use 7 straws- so that means we might be able to use it again... where if i sent it to george's saving it for future use could be complicated. and since this is a learning process... . nahbay can be googled... ..  now we start looking for the lh surge  which indicates fertile time.. george will do this--- 
he is alot more expensive than asking bentley-- but we need the actual numbers -- all bentley can tell us  is  ...NOW....
i think we have another calendar shot "in the can"    with hopes of doing another tomorrow... 
yesterdays mail call has to be one of the all time greats--  the timing  , anticipation  and presentation were superb..
all the films of the mial calls are on  our web  under photos... then misc information-- then mail calls.
sheila dug out my old penny farthing high wheeler bike that i rode in the great race...  26 miles i peddaled that thing.. but this  last 20 feet across  the off ice  was pretty funny-- i no longer hop on and off easily. so the sound effects were also spectacular.
 that great race was from watertown to marblehead-- started as an arguement between 2 guys in a bar  -- was it faster on land or by water ( charles river and atlantic ocean)- started small but soon became many thousands of semi- sober people riding pedalilng,pushing strange things around boston at 4 am.
i did not know shheila at the time  but i do remember the vehicle she was on...  a 10 people bicycle sort of thing---very impressive-- they actually sell them now in hammercheer schlemmer  they are called  party bars   5 on each side facing each other with a bar inbetween--t hey rent them in new orleans  and places like that.
ali came and went yesterday and fed us all very well-- both lunch and dinner...
mchelle is still here-- i think-- upstairs.
and we expect bud in th eguest house today  to meet with maroon..
if her leg is better i may take lydia to costco...  this tiem not for food, but we need to borrow a shopping cart for the next photo shoot..  they do not allow photos inside costco.. found that out long ago.
and a didi report
I was thinking about DiDi being 4 years old...she has graced my life for 2 1/2 years.
I continue to learn from my amazing DiDi. We have been together now for 4 short 
years. I can't help but reflect on how she has helped me through some difficult 
life experiences, made me laugh when I needed to, and continues to see me 
through daily challenges. 
I am surprised by the ever growing number of people 
whose lives have been touched my beautiful best friend. Several examples: a 
newly married young woman sitting next to DiDi and I on the airplane to Salt 
Lake City Utah had terrible flight anxiety requiring medication, but DiDi's 
attention soothed to the point where she didn't need her medication.
 Skipping to last week, when my husband woke up at 2am with excrutiating stomach pain. We ended up in the emergency room at the hospital, where I am immensely 
uncomfortable and queasy. But DiDi kept me calm and ok through the next 4 1/2 
hrs as Doctors, nurses, a surgeon, and an internal specialist all came and went; 
some without even knowing DiDi was there.
 We were then sent to the ICU for the 
next 4 days as a team of doctors worked to find out what was wrong with Larry. 
Again, DiDi helped me through long days with Larry in the ICU. At one point, 
another patients family member saw us in the hallway and asked me to bring DiDi 
in to see his father in one of the ICU rooms. DiDi seemed to know just what to 
do to quietly cheer up the gentleman. His delight at seeing her was evident in 
his smile and sparkling eyes. I couldn't see his monitors, but bet his life sign 
numbers (heart rate, blood pressure, etc) improved, if only momentarily.
 Turned out, Larry had pancreatitus and a gangrenous gall bladder, which was removed . 
ICU nurses, doctors, specialists, surgeons, and cleaning staff were impressed 
with my regal lady as pictures were taken, discussions ensued, and attitudes 
Thank you again Carlene and SDP associates,

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  1. What a wonderful post, Carlene! Thanks. Didi must be a wonderful treasure for you, Karen. You're so lucky to have one another. I hope your hubby is home and well on his way to recovery.

    Carlene...good luck with the "pupcicles"!