Monday, September 1, 2014

sept 1 2014
august is gone..... for those of you who need reminding--

wow---  and i can certainly appreciate all the people  trying to get us organized for dogfest, but all of you coming  have  told me you want the full crazy acre  experience--  so i have planned to let you enjoy all the potholes in the driveway-- or  potholes in our general management..
hey---  we are what we are...

besides it is  easier.  there are a few people making a huge effort to get us organized...  i am just watching...

there are 4 things i plan to do in prep---4 ground wasp nests to deal with-- 
 **one is where the teepee meets th e ground so you can watch me try and deal on camera...--  the entrance hole is hidden in the various parts of the canvas teepee  so it is not a simple thing.  and it is where people stand and watch puppy hill  - gotta go.
 **and then the one in the stump by the house-- which cp's will not have seen, but  the stump has the gate opener remote hanging off it-- and the added complication is there are a few  small snakes that live in it too..  i don't like snakes- but i  resist the marketing scheme to make me believe they are evil--starting with the adam and eve and the serpent stuff...  i have known  those snakes have been there for years and i imagine it could be alarming if you stuck your hand in the hollow stump  so i have never done that-- except now i have to do something about the flying stingers  whatever they are.
** third is on the island-  that attacked steve when he weed whipped their  frront door.....easier to deal with-- pour some lighter fluid in the hole and toss a match.
** fourth is in th e old donkey trailer  which is -- at the moment housing alot of grace's craft materials

the way things happen around here--   
i almost was looking at the "why now?" aspect of grace moving-- she has an incredible amt of craft making materials which could stand to be sorted a bit-- but then it has to go up to the hay loft...
To give you a perspective, grace personally  managed to produce 30 pvc dogs for someone's bar mitzva without batting an eye.

what better time than to have all these cp's help lift it up there...  if it is not too hot---- 
better lift up a fan first...... no problem for me-- the tractor cab is airconditioned..
now for the stroke of brilliance department-- 
and this is a real one...

people come here wanting dogs for balance-- and they all have been told by their neurologist they need a cane-- or walker-  or wheelchair...  but i have discovered..... along about the time 57 was getting teal... that a much better way for people to move around is to hold the back pocket of anyone going in their direction...  husband/wife/ other/ whatever...
i can hear  you all chortling away-- except---  it works
#1  it enables the person to stand up[ straighter/ normally
#2  there is no interuption in thier movement as they lift and place the cane/walker to advance. arm holding is not secure enough.... backsides are... blue jeans highly recommended.
#3. and no hardware to clutter up the car or restaurant
#4  many times it is faster/ more normal speed.
#5 it plain looks better.

if you insist on having a cane with you , it should be carried by the person wearing the pocket... to give  you a chance to move correctly...

of course if you fall you might pull the pants off whoever---   but that has not happened yet.
i have had notes from several neurologists commenting on the back pocket success.  

we had a pair of  new people here yesterday-- and mark's camera  caught them  in action..... it works..
and then...
we are approaching 11 and a half million views...   and we do have many new BB'S ( BRICK BUYERS) 
i am shocked to know that so many people have not heard of our  major means of support-- the chicken bricks--  we literally would be gone without the support of all those $10 donations.. that basically buys the dog food and pays for the spay neuter costs..

 so many of the  cp's who are addicted to the cameras have never heard of-- or participated in the chicken brick  shatupon society  program.  
so......  i am calling on all the old timers to fix that ... by helping the newcommers to  find  their way thru the  clicks  -- and please do not  push anyone beyond their means-- if $10 is beyond them, tell them about the $1 fun fund---- which is supporting the  AI insemination of opal... 

There are soooo many cp's- that it should not put any pressure on the regulars who have been supporting us for the past years---   we need to get more of the camera people involved in  that support..   

 believe me - we really appreciate everyone's help-- but it costs alot to run this place.. l
the nitty gritty????  i want to donate  my money  to fun fund ideas.... i get very worried when i need to cover the electric bill.
there are soooo many that have not heard--    get the word out...                       

i hope opal  is pregnant with 4 pups--- but if she delivers 11, i am going to go in panic mode-   the spay neuter  alone on 11 pups is easily 1/2 the  "brick money"  and we already have cookie's 11.

we have applicants so it is a mixed bag to hope she has fewer than 11 pups...

i dream of having sell outs every 2 weeks by just getting the word out that $10 a month is critical to us.
instead of saying  "oh no".... lets see if we can make that happen. 

 2 years ago camera mark  remembered thinking i was nuts to try and run one every month --- 
but  pure numbers??? 
spring of 2012 we had a 350 brick wall selling 50%  -- before  explore cameras...
spring of  2013 we had  1225 brick wall selling  100% ( camera people--250 people at mail call)
spring of 2014  we still have 1225 brick wall  and we have 600 camera people at mail call...

so pass the word around...
and lets pray opal does not have 11 pups.

it is time for merlow to go home with lynn-- she goes in with the pups only when she gets too full of milk-- but as we feed more gruel, milk production goes down-- so lynn-- come get her--  she will be thrilled.. job well done -- 4 lovely pups.
cant tell about opal yet--- i thought i detected an increased appetite- but shelia poo poo'd that one as opal loves her food anyway
obit notice---
 willow' partner   lynn emerson's-- father passed away yesterday (


other than that.....

 we are off and running...  

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