Friday, September 19, 2014

sept 19,2014
 Happy 19th of the month to all birthdays animverseries etc in the  month of september--
there got that done...

question----- about bumper stickers--

 we had thought about it before- and decided no... now linda brought it up again..
my opinion is that they do not allow enough info to make them a good investment.
and if no one can come up with different reasoning, i think that is still my opinion...
the bricks are selling--- i see many new names-- keep working on the new comers to  buy a brick
as for the accountant--
turns out many of these cpa's have given up doing the special audit for  nonprofits which is why the are charging $14,000  i will keep trying.. we have til nov 15th.

and this PC form that i need to sign is from the state of mass/attorney general's off ice..

back when------- we first started the chicken bit--- i needed to get a raffle permit because i was still using the word bingo...  the town would not give it to me until i had proven i had been in business for  xxx years.. and they way they determined that was this pc form at the attorney general's office..  i was ?maybe 8 years behind... but they were very helpful-- i could just fill out the form and sign it and pay $15 per year and all would be well..
i had my old stud dog thumper with me-- everyone in the office loved him-- they gave me a room with a table and i started in filling out forms, signing individual checks..
total for the day was i signed my name 147 times in this paperless society..

so if i have to go in there again.... bentley is going with me.  problem is i can not park and walk----now if i had a segway.........

when i use those scooters in home depot or costco, they move sooooo slowly--- but i wonder if i could rent one  for trial   maybe it would work better..

i bought a rack for the back of my car in prep for carrying some transporting device--- i need to get  a piece cut off it before it fits....
good project for the day
 along with trying to move the "leaf camera"  
we had a great dinner last night fooling with the pressure cooker
the reciipie?   the week in review...  i.e.  stuff that was in the fridge
cooked with enough garlic - it was very good.
someone said there is a segway rental place in salem..
getting transported vertically is al0t more appealing than scooters.
 there are those who are convinced i will break my neck on one.. 
but those people have also not had a ride on one... 

i rode one for an hour in florida and had not one problem..
i have to admit florida is alot flatter than 37 boxford road.

only bad part i can think of is taking a "power nap" on one 
might not be  as easy as the golf cart.

from lynne

I thought you'd appreciate this example of why Willow earned her middle/last name "Monkey Pants".

First, we had an extremely long day at the Brigham during which she was at her best. I actually even gave her the opportunity to basically lead us back to the parking structure. We're there so often, I noticed she seemed to know where we were going inside so I thought, let's see if she can find our way back. She actually did. Even doing the stairs without commands. As well as stopping at the curbs and waiting for "walk on". While I still had hold of her harness, I gave no directional commands as I normally do (right, left, straight), I just let her lead me. Impressive. 

But, her little Monkey Pants move came at home. Dinner was a bit late. I look over and out of the corner of my eye I see the adorable Miss Willow working open the latch on her food bin. Not the retriever's food bin, only hers and she had just got it open when much to her dismay, I informed her that she was busted. The look on her face was priceless. She looked at the latch and then looked at me as if to say " um, yeah, about that ". All the latches now have Gorilla tape on them until I find Dog proof bins lest the retrievers were watching and get any ideas.

She truly is a clever girl and a little miss monkey pants :)

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