Sunday, September 28, 2014

sept 28 2014
i am thrilled with the number of people buyng bricks--- couple more days and we just might make it !!  35 people yesterday wow..
keep after the new comers... it is working...

in the meantime..... we need special attention today for chaos--  i swear she knows it is sunday-- and is already asking me "is earlene+ coming?"

scott fitch won the shirt for the most correct items on the poo picker  game board-- i will dismantle it ( hopefully ) at 5pm since there is no mail call-- he missed the antique ladies dress hemmer, the wine bottle capper and the stirrup off a physician's table...

i have an extremely odd collection of hardware for this kind of thing  so i want to put those pieces back in th e  .box  in case i need to make another one. that one did get slapped together rather quickly..  i will keep collecting  krap  ( hardware) for 2015 dogfest and see if  i can do better.

the leaf camera is very popular for those who know about it-- keep passing the word on that too..
yesterday i filled the bucket of the tractor with the collection of nuts and bolts from the shop and tried to get them sorted...  the bucket is a perfrct work table-- height adjustable---
 i forgot i was on the leaf camera for that   until someone mentioned it in the comments.  i knew i was out of puppy hill r ange....

in that same..... steven chopped away at that vine blurring the vision of the  leaf cmaera... so it should be etter today.

short doggie... it even hurts my neck/arm  to type

I liked the rant about cell phones. Cell phones are going to kill us. People are walking off subway platforms, into signposts, and wandering through busy intersections, looking down. People at work are texting their kids with the location of the lost sneaker during the meeting then ask you to repeat what you just said (and the answer is N.O.). We've actually coined a new acronym for this one: BFN. Stands for Big Fat No.

On the smoking thing, I have a coworker who is away from my desk more than he is there, because he is perennially outside smoking. A few years ago I was in the office of the New York Post, with Amy, on the 27th floor of a high rise on 6th Avenue. It took people too long to take the elevators down and go outside to smoke, so they took an unused closet, insulated it, put in ventilation, and crammed 8 chairs in there. The room was always full, and the walls were yellow. At the time, they told me it was a standard arrangement for high rise offices to have one of these rooms, but I've never heard of one before, or since. 

Took some pictures during Opal's visit to Webster Assisted Living center yesterday.  She was so good, even as much as laying her head in an ailing resident's lap for a few seconds (very surprising as she didn't do that with any of the others). 
After visiting and taking a walk outside with my mom, she came in to Mom's room and lay down and went to sleep...such a good girl.
Thanks again for letting me take her there!

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