Monday, September 29, 2014

sept 29 2014
 600 bricks to go --- we are getting there !!!

i wish i had some brilliant  concept to offer-- but my head on slightly crooked  so i can't think straight.  it is better   but still left leaning..

the only odd thing i can think of is.....

remember when i had the wrong size balls-- i had hundreds of   27 mm and needed 30mm? and i was in a little bind because i needed them to make the monkey fists for everyone at dogfest...
 in the process... i tried china-- which is where all inexpensive things are made..  and  i ran headlong into alibaba.  "let us help you find your 30 mm balls"
 i thought ... just one more gimic.... except they hung in there  with very specific emails about size, cost, how to order, shipping etc..  i would get 2 - 3 emails a day from different chinese companies-- and these were not form letters.  i noticed-- very polite  and helpful-
 i finally got the 500  30 mm balls-- but i remained impressed with this alibaba connection to china... "is there any way we can help you find...."  etc....

then yesterday i see in the wsj alibaba had an initial stock offering with alot pf publicity-- from my experience, they have the "ordering from china" down pat.

i have the same feeling about alibaba that i had about that first mcdonalds hamburger i had years ago.

somebody studied a need and is filling it..

the rest of that ball story is that  i ran out of 1/4 " rope and ordered more from the rope company (r&w rope) and they sent some ever so slightly thinner than  the spool i had been using... 
consequently i needed 27mm balls... not the 30mm balls i had struggled to find..
 along that same line... i think... but i am not sure...that the toilet paper we just got is 1/4 " more narrow than i was used to...  
i need to investigate this more.... but it looks to me like some company is pulling the "who's gonna notice?"

so will all of you take  note....


  1. Shrinking sizes...that is one thing that makes me CRAZY! Do they honestly think we don't notice that the 1 pound coffee can now has 12 oz? Well, hasn't been a pound can in years, but I digress...

    They claim they're saving us money by having the package cost the same as it used to. But the truth is they're raking in the $$$. My weekly lunch salad is a good example. I buy a bag of spinach & a bag of spring mix. It used to be 6 oz./bag and now it's 5 oz./bag for the same price. But now I need to buy 3 bags...15 oz. get the 12 oz. I need to last the week! It is salad so I do wind up eating the extra but my $7/week greens budget is now $9.50. Do they really think we're too stupid to notice?

    I haven't figured out what we can possibly do about it, but if a company promised to stop the shrinking package bit I think they'd get a lot of followers!

  2. See what happens when you get my dander up? Can't do $10.50/week...

  3. The Toilet paper people have been studying the kitkat bars and decided we can use the paper at an angle to good effect.