Wednesday, September 3, 2014

sept 3 2014
i am late because tina is  here already--- and we  talked  far too long---
but the rest are up and functioning...
i even curled my hair for the occasion..
my obtuse observation for the day  is pain...,
2 days ago  i had a very bad tummy--- i accused megan of trying to poison me with some pasta salad with mayonase  but i could no't sell that because of the 10 people eating it ... i was th eonly one... ( it was good..."suddenly salad" ) but the belly ache all of a sudden disappeared and the lack of pain was   noticeably  intoxicating..   i think it has something to do with  endorphins.i remember tommy nugent talking about endorphins  when he just started being a doctor.. 

it comes to  mind because  i just heard of a male friend who is battling kidney stones--- which i am told by males  can approach pain of childbirth. 

i can just hear all th e women  making nasty remarks..and then there is the broadway song about  men...." remember it is he who has the fun and you the baby"
****big days  ---lots to do --- biggest excitement  will be th e portapottys whinc should arrive today or tomorrow
along with the freezer-- which will be in pieces to be put together...
and the first thing i will do is go and buy 2  5 gal containers of ice cream  and a bunch of celebrate--- even if it is  for the dog's beef..
i have  some  sdp  games to set up--- and i had thought we coudl keep track and have a "winner"  but that got too complicated  so they will just be for playing with...
 competitive poop  picking
yardstick reflexes
tossing of the poo bags
nail hammering
stuff we do everyday around here
and then the painting of the numbers-- i have squares of several sizes so you all can paint numbers on them  to hang on every door/gatee/kennel
we had  "door 40" on the chicken coop at one point...
there is a historical refer3ence ...  BC... (before costco) here was leechmere-- and when you bought somethign large, you went round to "door 9" to pick it up  --- there were no doors 1 to 8,  just door 9,
the kennel numbers will be sequencial-- but the rest of the door/gates  just any 2 digit number of your choice...
i just remembered.... when i went to a military base and asked directions, the information  desk was in building 61--- and there were buildings 1 to 60..
i always wondered why the information  desk was not in building 1 instead of the other end...
more arrivals
maybe i will get all of them to write a sentance for the dd friday sat sunday

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  1. CARLENE - My husband just went through the pain of a kidney stone. The stone doesn't cause the pain "until the final phase...". The back pain is from the blockage building up pressure in the kidney. Sort of like a hose that has a kink in it, except the water keeps building up until the hose gives way. They had to go in and take out the stone because the blockage was starting to affect the kidney function. 4 days, he was in "labor". I was teasing him before surgery that the doctor was going to use the "spoons to yank that baby out".