Thursday, September 4, 2014

sept 4 2014
people are around doing things  that were never on my list to do---so i am reduced to being  entertained by it all-- my list ?    sign holes done--portapotties ordered-done ---and clambake ordered- done.. so i am home free--

i decided having our tests of competency would be too hard to score-- so  i am just highly suggesting each festor  try each one  ...  besides watching everyone will be intertaining...

 our only serious problem-- which may be solved  is the wasps under the teepee-- ttoday we are to remove the contents and spray-- big time..
and then there is hunter and wendy----
everybody got shaken up-- and it ultimately is my fault....

hunter wrapped his leash around his hand-- then when the entire school came running toward them when the were let out for recess, wendy ran about 30 feet dragging hunter-- hunter has only a few scratches  but... the school is  in disaster mode... and want megan and i to come up NOW  AND FIX IT

I saw this coming- and talked to megan and the parents constantly-- but i did not insist on dealing with it.
so here is my letter to the principal?????


we all see the accident  in a different light--

i see it as an  extremely fortunate lesson. 
the fault is mine- because i saw this problem and mentioned it many times,  but did not follow thru.

you never wrap a rope around any part of yourself-- especially if the other end is attached to something that can move.. dog --bicycle--- car --or  horse.

the "lesson of the rope" taught to me by my grandfather, was far more evident in days of horses and carriages... it has evolved to not wearing loose clothing around machinery - but the concept is a very valuable lesson..   you might use  hunter's event to  teach the entire school..

i had seen hunter wrap that leash around his hand many times-- and  i stopped  him and explained to both hunter and his parents-- i even made a shorter leash- without a hand loop..... specially for him so he could not do that.  but that became an issue because of the way hunter moves his arms when he walks.  he needs a longer leash for that.

i let them talk me out of insisting on  another solution.  last time i was at the school with megan, as we left, i fussed about that longer "normal " leash..  

the next thing i would try is to make a breakaway point- namely an elastic between wendy's collar and the leash,..  until we figure out what weight elastic would break when we needed it to and not break when we did not want it to...there might be several  times when  wendy would get loose which might  be inconvenient-- .but  she is bonded to hunter and basically loves kids in general.

 they make official "break away"  devices... i have one around my neck at the moment with my life alert button--- but a plain elastic works as well--  

i am happy to come up and talk to anyone-- but i know from here- if hunter was not connected to that leash we would be talking about better treats in hunter's pocket.  

experience comes from bad experiences... 


i get accused of going overboard on wierd topics-- like earthquakes in calif--- or high water in new orleans.--  having things around my neck is one of those deep seated life lessons drummed into me as a kid.

my life alert has the breakaway--- i cut  the string to my "neck wallet" which has my phone and put in an elastic ... i even have a very heavy gold necklace (heavy +_ gold= expensive)  in the bottom of some shoebox because it is so strong i could easily be strangled by it.... SO i never wear it...

the joke--- how can you trust men's judgement when the first thing they do every morning is to tie a noose around their neck?.... 
there must be some history of that  bit about the tie-- which is done in such a way that it tightens if pulled.

and ---  the modern style--- i would NEVER wear one of those stylish long skarves where you fold double  and put the end thru ... making a noose with 3 feet of skarf blowing in th ebreezes... i can see that getting stuck in some subway or bus door...   II CRINGE WHEN I SEE ONE...


i can tell you right now tracy came in with a leash drapped around her neck--- but it is not in noose style  I NOTICED RIGHT AWAY

Bethany and Wicked
So, we've been working a ton here in Western Mass! Tomorrow is a big day for us 
though, we have our first day of working with veterans. We are ready and excited 
to start this next chapter in our educational careers. Keep you posted, but I 
know we are going to rock.

PS. We miss you all so much--unfortunately I'm working Saturdays and Sundays, 
making it really hard to come out. Hope to get a break soon to come visit.

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  1. Concerning the situation with Hunter and Wendy, it doesn't seem that there was enough training. If the dog is going to bolt around a group of children, why is that dog subjected to that situation. Poor pairing and not enough training!