Friday, October 3, 2014

oct 3 2014

best news of the week.....the new board is almost sold out--- 300 bricks to go--

-because of the support all you cp's have given SDP, i have had the courage to sign a lease-- a bit strange..  as the landowner  and president of sdp--- i get to sign on both lines so SDP will have a lease on the crazy acres for $1 a year for at least the next 5 years....meaning if i should hit a tree, whoever inherits this property inherits the $1 lease, plus  all you people- the 11 million in the living room...

selling out the 2000 bricks a month along with some grant money should keep this place going plus or minus me. there are a lot of you camera people out there !!!!!  keep up the good work... you are in fact... running the show more than you realize..

(mind you -- i am feeling well-- with no spectacular ailments..)
i had a friend ... marge kitteridge who started windrush-- a riding for the handicapped program in boxford - next town over... she had some land--- house/barn/riding arena etc... and some children  i always said .. marge was 20 years ahead of me.  when she died, windrush managed to survive with mandy running the daily show...(  mandy is windrush's megan....).. 

what eventually happened with "windrush" was they started a capital campaign and eventually bought the arena from the" children"-- now 60+year old children...

well i hired the same lawyer to solve our similar situation.... don....  nice guy-- plus his mother, in her church group, watches our cameras daily !!!

an interesting sideline to  the marge story----- 100 years ago-- when marge was just getting started, the electric company had a horrendous accident which electrocuted 8 of her horses... the special ones she had been using for this program... immediate problem was how to find those perfectly behaved horses to replace the others... i had a very lovely horse--  tachycarida--  which was not getting used enough, so i donated tacky to windrush--- he  walked kids in circles when he as not grazing in her pastures for ?4  years, before he kind of got tired of it and she returned him to me...
and then i went to montana and inadvertently bought 6 horses at an auction in billings-- janine managed to sell 5- and there was a very nice chunky- big quarterhorse "clifford" ---- mandy saw clifford and said they could use him with their larger riders... so clifford got donated to windrush-- that was ?6 years ago--  he is still there--  fat and healthy --- getting perfect care....
and then there is the  roast lamb problem..
sheila's meat guy--herb... sold me some lamb to have last thursday-- it was cryovac/frozen  but when we thawed it out, it was herb came running with another rack of lamb--   he said it was a little bigger than the previous and i thought "oh good more for the money"  WRONG   i should have been thinking  bigger is not lamb  but sheep/mutton-- so last night as we had the marvelous smell of garlic cooking,  we got thru with mail call and went to eat supper  -- you could not chew it--- you could barely cut it with a steak knife...  bailey had trouble chewing it -- but managed...
so today  i have to contact herb.... he will be sooooo embarrassed.  but he has to  know--  whoever sold him that must have known...
and i have to go buy the  toilet/sink and shower--- i almost did the other day, but the shower did not fit in my toyota-- so i said i would be back with the coa van...  just for good luck , i want to actually measure the space to be sure we are max  the area..  there is a complication in a  slant to the roof, might influence a very tall male wanting to use the facilities... well that person just might have to be.... ? flexible???
had a long conversation with sheila last night.. trying to solve the problems of the world...  she has found that florida is hot...  well i don't know what she is doing down there anyway-- it is lovely up here...
and she had a problem with someone nailing tru a water pipe   which reminded me of teh donald swanders and michael flanders song  "the gas man cometh"

Twas on a Monday morning 
The Gas-Man came to call; 
The gas tap wouldn't turn - I wasn't getting gas at all. 
He tore out all the skirting boards 
To try and find the main, 
And I had to call a Carpenter to put them back again. 

'Twas on a Tuesday morning 
The Carpenter came round; 
He hammered and he chiselled and he said: 'Look what I've found! 
Your joists are full of dry-rot 
But I'll put it all to rights.' 
Then he nailed right through a cable and out went all the lights. 

'Twas on a Wednesday morning 
The Electrician came; 
He called me 'Mr Sanderson' (which isn't quite my name). 
He couldn't reach the fuse box 
Without standing on the bin 
And his foot went through a window - so I called a Glazier in. 

Twas on a Thursday morning 
The Glazier came along, 
With his blow-torch and his putty and his merry Glazier's song; 
He put another pane in -
It took no time at all -
But I had to get a Painter in to come and paint the wall. 

'Twas on a Friday morning 
The Painter made a start; 
With undercoats and overcoats he painted every part, 
Every nook and every cranny, 
But I found when he was gone 
He'd painted over the gas tap and I couldn't turn it on! 

On Saturday and Sunday they do no work at all: 
So 'twas on a Monday morning that the Gas-Man came to call!

 thus endeth the poetry for the day


Hi Carlene,

Yesterday, my "partner in crime" Renee Le Verrier, SirThomas LeVerrier and I presented to the Police Chiefs of Essex County. We were invited by Chief Paul Tucker who is the Police Chief of the Salem, MA Police force. (Also, Sheila Tucker Cranney's brother :))

There were approximately 65-70 people in attendance. We were a bit surprised. Our goal was to give the chiefs a brief training and present ourselves as a resource for training  their staffs as well as present them with the other resources available. 

It went extremely well. One of the things that was most surprising was a willingness to admit that they had a problem. Many admitted there was a lack of clarity and understanding with regard to the laws and welcomed the information. We ran through a brief version of our training presentation, provided them with the ADA law, offered them options for training of their force AND gave them each a copy of our brochure! It was delivered to us the day before. 

We will be following up with the president of their organization to disseminate the information as well as with each department. We couldn't be more pleased.

As an aside, Lt. Schmink of the Rockport Police Department was in attendance. ;)

Happy Thursday,


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