Friday, October 31, 2014

oct 31,2014
last night -- the first real board meeting-- up to this point it has been very casual-- but last night we got down to business and some decisions got made
i did not know we should carry insurance for the members of the board.. so i can do that today
colleen who started out saying she didn't know why she was there, ended up making some great suggestions about ppeople handling dogs on overnights... and came up with the idea of a video of things they do wrong...-- great idea..
.mark said we should get back to the payroll 941 and stop the 1099 form of payroll-- he is right-- and now that theresa is back at least 2 days a week, we can do that..
anne had alot of grant info 
and sheila seemed to understand what janine was talking about with developing the facebook kind of thing..

the finances-- we need to have an officiall cpa type-- and i had contacted that woman in burlington-- she was the only one who said "you don't need the $14,000 audit if the income was less the year before and after"  all the other accountants were ready to take the $14000- so i have her name and as soon as we get rid of qiucken and get quickbooks i will get her onsite to wave her hands over the other words--

 we need to run this more like a business.

i can promise everyone, crazy acres will never manage to be that silky smooth business which is micromanaged by "blue suits"  ..... but some of those ideas should happen.. and the goal of it all is to free me for some more interesting facets....
no one on the board seemed to be able to grasp how short of pups we are going to be in about a year.
at the moment we have no newborns,( which would be the class of fall of 2015at a year old...),, 
no female pregnant( for spring of 2016 -
 no female in heat ( for spring/summer of 2016) 
several expected to come in about december.. which would be born early march 2015 and a year old in march of 2016

we can stretch out the 11+4 we now have
, -- some of those will not make it.... we need pups. which is why i am looking in europe-- and i like the looks of a female in belgium that they will be breeding in the next few monthss...
 please do not anyone contact this breeder
twan is dealing with her---everyone else stay out .. please... -- i will attach the picture of the female-- she looks just like ours-- namely chaos and opal.
and with regard to the pups from netherland that twan has been working on,,
Hello Carlene,

Thank you for your nice mail.

Brianna has a golden character she loves everybody
I think Brianna will be in season next month.
When Brianna is in season I'll mail you immediately.
As  dad, I'm going to use a black male.

hedon I will use next year on my female Elkyra.

I will keep you informed
A year ago today, Elsie and I prepared to leave SDP together.....for the first time. Sir Thomas came by to wish us luck, and we were off. Our time together has been amazing, funny and even weird along the way.
Let me share a bit. -I have not used my walker since Megan convinced me to leave it behind and trust her and Elsie. We took off for training at the grocery store and have never looked back! That alone has been such an incredible emotional improvement for me. 
-On two different occasions, people have offered to help Elsie, help me, because they assumed I was blind. (I did NOT even have sun glasses on!) 
-Elsie has pushed on me as I stumbled innumerable times, keeping me upright. -She's kept me from serious falls many times. In the past, that type of fall, left me with several fractured bones. -
My girl and I love each other. When she plunks her 10 pound head on my knee and stares at me, I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I have seen. "I wish I was the person that my dog thinks I am!" - 
Also....Elsie sits herself on my lap when I use the toilet. No one has done that since I had toddlers. -And finally, over the past year we have grown into a solid team. She has changed my life for the better in so many ways.
 Thank you to all who made that happen. 
 Jeanine Reilly & Elsie Chuppie Reilly

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