Wednesday, October 1, 2014

who knew?????? 

someone came in with a cooler which had BEN & JERRY  cow logo... and i thought someone found me a funny cooler.... little did i know it was full to overflowing of icecream with all the fixings--- from hot fudge  and butterscotch to  fresh whipped cream and the delightful woman had a shirt with ben and jerry on it-- i still did not have the whole picture  that this was a company production and not just a theme party...

and what icecream!!!!  not a calorie in it   !! amazing production to turn this living room into an icecream parlor  in 10 minutes.. 
wow------   thank you  to  the   who done it's  which i think included california and hawaii

in 48 hours  this room has gone from an icu recovery for surgical case to a photo studio for the calendar ,to an accountant meeting, to an icecream parlor..

each a cheerful episode ---
somewhere i learned... you never forget someone who really made you laugh
i have done alot of laughing lately.

even if i have to hang on to my  head so it does not move- 
in the midst of it all we did mail call== and someone sent me some special honey and tea--which i am now enjoying-- it is supposed to repair any throat problems-- sounds as good as any other idea anyone has had..
it is pretty strange tasting tea--- not bad.... just different.
earlene and paul came to walk chaos-- and what a huge success that meeting was...    earlene  texted me to say they were leaving so i got to  wind up chaos telling her "paul's coming"  which she knows big time.. she bounded off the couch and flew down to the driveway...  
they were gone a long time---must have gone miles...
i hope they can do that more often... it made chaos soooooo happy to have "her family" around.

chaos  is pretty dedicated---opal is definitely sheila's dog-  thrilled to see her  and depressed when she says goodbye-- but opal is a little more flexable--- she will get up and be pleasent if you have a dish of icecream in your lap/.. chaos will just glare....
 chores today

try and get the mic working--  the party as ok without sound--- it was  too noisy for any specific conversation  but  thursday -- steve said he has something planned-- and my guess is it would be more enjoyable to have sound....

cloud is collecting our daily numbers -- and we are between 15 and 17,000 hits per day...

is there a gizmo that would allow you to get the internet on a regular tv??
this is a request by a nursing home... who's residents want to watch sdp and not cnn..
interesting idea...
my second chore  is to locate the poem which ends in
"and each must build
ere life is flown
a stumbling block
or a stepping stone"

i want to plaster it on th e wall next to 
"somebody said that it couldn't be done
but he with a chuckle replied....."

i am dealing with a couple nay sayers who don't seem to understand
if you don't try in the first place, then failure is certain...

Hi happy birthday! Your party looked like alot of fun time!.
Rogue is doing great! She comes with us everywhere and is always a big hit...

 i have not left her home at all. we went to the fair and she was awesome around the farm animals ( working horses and sheep and cows and pigs etc..) . but we met another SDP service dog and rogue started barking at him... we still are trying to reduce the barking at other dogs. I am not sure why and I try to correct it quick and then pet and give good girl when she is doing good.
 Other than that she is always right by my side. During physical therapy she stays right next to me and makes sure I'm ok. She really does not like to be to far from me. she wakes me up if I'm trying to ignore my vibrating alarm in the morning and licks my feet until I'm up.

 She has also stood up and went to the stairs when the baby wakes up crying after napping. She is learning and I around learning her language too.
 It has only been about 3 months and she is doing great!
She enjoys her many experiences and most of all enjoys running figure 8s ln our back yard... she truly enjoys the kids giggles and hugs! The baby just loves to hug rogue and sit with her.

I noticed in her file her rabies shot will expire soon so I will be making an appt for that.

We hope to come visit soon!
♡ Melissa D. ♡



  2. this will hook into a newer TV for broadcast of Explorer on it

  3. To Carlene from Peg Taylor, Freeport Maine

    R. Lee Sharpe
    "A Bag of Tools"

    Isn't it strange that princes and kings,
    And clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
    And common people like you and me,
    Are builders for eternity?

    Each is given a bag of tools,
    A shapeless mass, a book of rules;
    And each must make- ere life is flown-
    A stumbling block, or a stepping stone.

    Here's video of the magnificent Maggie Smith reciting the poem (Violet on Downton Abbey)

  4. Sorry forgot the video link, Here it is>

  5. So glad to hear that you have been laughing a lot lately...good for the body and the soul! Also...Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday enjoyed talking with you today missed the ice cream social!!! Bet the dog were licking there paws all I can say is amazing the work you do and the staff!! Im working on getting those scouts over there and helping everyone out!!!