Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NOV 19,2014

first topic of the day.... inertia
inertia of movement and inertia of rest

 i think the official  is something like " a body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest"-------------- as in  not wanting to get out of bed. 

i got going on this yesterday when i was caught in traffic next to  a huge  53' long truck--  we were in.. what was to me--- stop and go--- traffic.. except that driver never stopped..... bringing to mind my father's driving lessons-- which were unique.. 
do not stop if you can possibly keep crawling- because the effort to go from an absolute stop  to motion will drink gasoline.  this truck driver next to me was  doing a super job...
my father then went on to speculate that everytime you used the brakes you were wasting gas. you could nearly double your mileage by keeping more room between cars and rolling.
and then there was the glass of water on the dashboard---  filled to the brim, we could not go for our license  exam until we could drive without spiilling  a drop- actually he complained loudly if i made his head move back and forth with braking and accelerating.  
he had stories about the first cars he drove where the tires  were stuffed with hay--- and then progress and you would go for a sunday ride with 3 or 4 spare tires strapped to the back...

my father was --  born in 1900, he graduated from about 6th grade-- and was a farm kid--- drove a pony to  and from school with his sisters in the cart with him. .... in new rochelle n.y.
--- being a farm kid, you made do and invented  solutions...  and you never threw away hardware like hinges off an old door--- etc   - i inherited that from him    i  also  inherited his individualized spelling abilities. 

my grandfather-- was rescued out of the johnstown flood ( in depth it is excellent reading)and several relatives  with the last name  PRICE  are listed as "missing" ..

how did i get going on that....??? 
next issue--- 
sheila tells me i  have been  pushing too hard for  the chicken bricks--- 
so i have been thinking.....   and while thinking i have been making monkey fists  -- so many that i have run out of friends to give them to.
so i have decided to-- during the question and answer section of the mail call, i will make 2 monkey fists-- takeing me about 15 minutes- and donate one to  one of the brick buyyers of the day  and another to one of the people who sent mail that day--- both chosen randomly.
they will each be given a laminated card ( if i can get theresa to do them)  stating that they are supporting members of the "shatupon society of ipswich"
and to keep this camera  as an educational tool, i will make the monkey fists  up close-- so if people want to learn to make them, they will see how... just about every night at 5pm...
now as for the reliabilbty of the cameras--- instead of being frustrated--enjoy what is working
i am sure the crew at explore is more frustrated than you all-- so for the moment  enjoy whatever we've got.... and it could be a long moment---- but remember how not only the camera was unreliable- but we didn't even attempt to have sound-- and used the white board for everything..

that is like the hay in the tires of my fathers first car.
it will get better- in the meantime---enjoy the guessing game of   what will be working today????

and i will get on with learning how to laminate....