Monday, December 1, 2014

dec 1 2014
janine completely took the acreditation project home with her...
if she can not please them, no one can..  she teaches business kind of stuff at a college level.
she agrees with me on the mandatory health records-- not only useless, but illegal ---hippa type illegal.

i do think we are fighting a significant yellow lab / golden retriever  bias-- danes are stupid ---mentality.
 it is based mostly on someone throwing a yellow tennis ball, and having the dane just watch it and look at them with a "why did y ou do that  look". 
 people have to be taught about danes.. i know that dane pup is saying "i love my person dearly ---but i can't understand  -- why  they throw the ball, then go pick it up and do it again...   " 

further proof of the difference...  you can teach a golden retriever to open the icebox and get you a beer, but you better not teach a dane to do it because after all is quiet, the dane would think "when i got that beer, there was a left over roast beef on the second shelf.. aren't i lucky that they taught me to open the door."  

they use their knowledge differently-- they do not do tricks--- when asked to get the basket, a golden   would run over... pick it up and bring it to you immediately.......bailey getting the basket??? she never hops to the chore... she is performing and loves the drama-  center stage....- she will get a drink.. she will wander past the basket and turn and look-- "?i know danm well what i am supposed to do.... but how many times can i get these people to say "get the basket" before i pick it up and they cheer"

goldens just do not think like that.   and when you are handling a dane , you better re-adjust your thinking.  so there are plenty of times when a golden is better for a service dog, there are other times when there is no substitute for the savvy you get with a dane.  

i really can not pretend we have taught our dogs to do the majority of things they do - how could we?
" i better go get  susan, her husband has fallen  and is stuck under the sink" is not something we would teach....
" i will just walk at an angle because his legs flip sideways in a very unusual way"
" those people should not be asleep when that old lady fell downstairs and is not getting up"
"don't tell me to get off your bed and go back to sleep- there is a pretty funny smell- and i don't understand" ( house  fire)

most dog people are convinced that the breed of dog they have is the brightest..
first of all-- i have handled about all the breeds there are in the years of animal episodes. 
and i am not saying danes are the smartest... i am saying they think differently-

i have tried to figure who i consider the smartest and it always boils down to  which dog  has  best  learned to communicate with  someone... and will concentrate on that communication.
i know connie the corgi was well up there-  we did some amazing commercials with her   including a video on recycling where she had to pick up bottle,paper,and can   and put it in the correct trash bin- and she did it with no break in the film...... 

  she is also the one... in a houghin mifflin book commercial that bit right thru my thumb because i tried to pick her up and move her instead  of asking her to move over..
she had rules- she wore no collar-- if you put one on her, she would sulk  and not move.--.. kind of like bailey with the sauntering around center stage.

if they are supposed to listen to you, you better be prepared to listen to them.
chicken bricks 
400 left --- we are going to make it  -- i have about 50 yet to enter here  from people adding chicken bricks to a calendar order...-- i will try and do that later today
this morning i am to work with matt ( memsaic guy) to make it possible to add  one dollar  donation to a brick  if you are buying it  as a $10 gift for someone else-- which i will notice amid all the 10,20,30 's  ---the 11, 21, 31 will stick out.  i will then go to the comment  area and get the address to send  a card to.. and i will be the only one to be able to access that address.
we made up cute bright orange cards to  explain  how the Shatupon Society  works...

getting that board sold out means i can sleep better...

megan tells me she is better--- i still think she should do inside things and not push it for a while..
i just noticed  i forgot to put on blue jeans over the long underwear-- i am certainly glad i didn't decide to go to the diner for breakfast.
theresa is coming today  for another boost on getting calendars out-- maybe i can go sit at the p.o while they check each one in--- i will take bentley and a pocket full of poker chips

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