Saturday, December 13, 2014

dec 13,2014
this great leap into everyone's email box has been a huge success
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you know you are in trouble when someone sends you a box of jelly beans and they come with a set of directions !! chewing a handful is no longer acceptable.  2 at a time to vary the flavors is  the current way o go..... advertising tells us so.
  ---  mass micromanaging--
i have  got to the age where if i want to chew a handful, i will flip a bird at the directions..
problem is-- that same concept applies to  things like -- the printer.
at one point in my life i was a computer expert-  the MIT  computer was the size of my house and we had to wear hair nets--  but if you told it to print the numbers from 1 to 10-- it did just that --- in black and white
and then someone-- some creative soul-- discovered if you programmed it a certain way you could make it  change the sequence and put  4 before 3---
that was the start of the jelly bean problem... just because you can  who decides you want to?
 then ---in steps the advertising/pr division and they cause you to make very odd decisions.
 why?  so they can raise the price of ink?????
how?  they make my computer screen announce that i am a wicked person condemning my printer  to a life of struggle trying to perform with  inferior  recycled ink cartridges. 
mass micromanaging...  
i better quit there  before i get into things like christmas and  5 year business plans for accreditation...
kiara is doing nicely with her new toys- like the heavy wooden bench and arms of the wooden sofas-- just as dozens of pups before her have done.  there are toys around-- but the furnature and  cardboard boxes are such fun.
she seems happy  healthy --   bailey and chaos are trying to teach her doggie manners-  bailey even made her yelp once--- with a "i am serious" snarl snap
her ability to produce urine is outstanding...   she gets it on a towel most of the time-- mainly because there are towels covering 93% of the floor in anticipation..
just because this is a learning web site.... we are  aware that the color of her urine is something to watch-- so----- thank you to the person who gave us all those white wash cloths--  we all can be seen studying them under a bright light.
 tracy declared yesterday that  a current pile of urine had a better-- stronger odor..   but that her poo was soft mound no cylindars..
i am sure that is because we are feeding her too much at the moment
and she is trying to  work th e yuppy puppy already..
hey you want the details ... you get them... 

Good morning,
Rogue is doing wonderful! She is starting to understand sign language and the first break through was the sign for "cookie" (milk bones) . She is watching more and is starting to understand signss for "help" and "outside". Learning a new language is hard for many but rogue is finally starting to understand. Annie knew so many signs but it took her a long time. Rogue is doing wonderfully!
Rogue loves to work and has been very serious about helping. I broke a small bone in my foot and all she does is want to be near me to help. She also seems to know I have nerve fiber issues and licks and licks those spots on my feet! Oddly her warm tongue feels great on those "nerve spots". She is awesome and knows when I'm having a bad fibromalgia day. She gives the best hugs and warm kisses.
She is wonderful with my kids. She knows the baby is young and just let's him sit with her on her bed. He cuddles and hugs her. She behaves different with henri and leonie and seems to know the difference between toddler and a 7 yr old. She is very smart and is always watching. Rogue has had  many adventures from zoos, amusement parks, boston subways, to aquariums, deerfield fair and the local 4h farm my kids volunteer caring for horses ... She loves just to be with me and the kids all the time.
I hope to get down to visit soon. I have had other health issues recently preventing me but I should be able to come for a recertification visit soon!
Thank you!!!
♡ Melissa D. ♡
If you are looking for a unique and beautiful holiday gift, we have calendars
got to take a carton  of calendars to george's ( vet's office) today----
 maybe if we could catch some of kiara's urine we could take it there to  get an idea..   ---how???? small tinfoil pan on the end of a bent coat hanger-- quick slide under at the appropriate moment must not disturb the concentration of the producer.... kiara...

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