Monday, December 15, 2014

dec 15 2014

megans 1% milk on cereal isn't too bad if you put 

a big dollop of whipped cream on it.

big excitement of the day ... kiara has been a 
virtual water processing unit..  but today

kiara's Pee  is more yellow.. aren't you thrilled???

i certainly am-- the alternative was not  great.
a minor uti could explain  the frequency and quantity

she has been on antibiotic(clamox) for 2 days and hopefully  it will clear up...
we had her out on puppy hill yesterday---with just one pup== got to be very careful that they don't pick on her--- and she must not be left with 2 against one.. her  casual companions will have to be the older gals for starters... with supervision...

megan will be back today i am told--- and she can start her puppy march bit with her.. so far to get her to the t tent yesterday they had to put a leash on her.... got to get away from that  as soon as possible.. she has got to be encouraged  to think for herself... and on a leash is not  conducive to that.

hey---- this is supposed to be a learning episode
actuaally everything is a learning episode
it's just that   ---some lessons are better than others.
as for the rest of the medical report...  bailey's butt

we did finally shave bailey's butt.. she has had   an open sore there for too long- and i finally got the correct clippers to clip all the hair away to give it a chance to heal....  i remember some preperation we had for a horse once  "elayse"?  got to look it up-- it --  i think-- reduced proud flesh...  and then some other horse person said to try  preparation H...  ???? george?????? (dvm george) 
keep in mind some of the things  yo u hear on the daily doggie are hogwash  with no basis in fact...  that is certainly a "yet to be determined" 
anyway her butt looks a lot better---  on top right where her tail hits - she has a black spot-- which has hidden this spot for too long-- now about the size of a dime... doesn't seem to bother her, but it was a goopy mess..

goop held in place with hair makes for a great culture media so even uncovering it may help..
i like listening to the TED lectures when i get  20 minutes... and someone sent me this 

Dear Carlene,

I really think you might enjoy this TED talk.  I immediately saw the parallel between the Norwegian TV show concept called SLOW TV and how we CPs are enjoying the way you share SDP with us.  Both involve no alteration of the time line of the action.  

Most particularly, I enjoyed the presenter's final statement.  

I hope you enjoy!
Lin McCormick

i certainly did--  there are alot of paralells

for newcommers  my favorite is a TED lecture by ken robertson on creativity...  but  most are worth 20 minutes...  mike rowe also  a good one.... different....

and the  copy paste dept----

from mail call- an interesting letter...

The old fisherman saying “ a perpetual series of occasions for hope” fits here perfectly. SDP in all it’s forms feeds the hearts and  minds and especially the bodies of so many.  A young tiny girl gets big old George to provide her freedom to  move and grow.  A veteran gets to leave the house and join the world, no mater how scary that is.  Most of us take our feet and legs for granted and can only marvel at the miracles we see.
I had lost a husband  and a son when I came  upon SDP and EXPLORE.ORG and in desperate need of those “occasions for hope”… and I found them.  People who walk  their talk.. the folks now picking up poo is just as important as anything else on the list… the ones who pull together 10 bucks a month for a brick to help run SDP… and those marvelous Danes who win our hearts every single day.
We can all apply these lessons from Crazy Acres to our own lives and even better, sit back and everyday at 5pm( Carlene time) and laugh so  much our dogs think we are the crazy ones  ,.  Thank you for all you do/  the stones  you have thrown are providing ripples you will never know about.  We are so grateful.
 k.b. linden TN  (beepipes-tn)


and then some sad news....

Frenzy & Karma were supposed to be a dynamic duo.
Frenzy arrived in Florida Friday, Dec 5, to join our family.
He's 1 year old, lots of fun, and a service dog, born & trained at Service Dog Project, Ipswich, Ma., same as Karma.
Since Karma's service dog abilities were compromised by a car accident 2 yrs ago, Frenzy could fill in where needed.
However, Saturday ( yesterday) morning, around 3 am, Karma passed away when her lungs collapsed.
She went quickly & peacefully, in her familiar hospital, the Critical Care Animal Hospital of Melbourne, Fl.
I was able to be with her in her final moments, a privilege, although extremely painful, as many know.
We had no notice of her illness until it was at the last stage.
Fortunately, we were able to let her pass on & not interfere with what was meant to be.
So, we grieve, as we remember our wonderful party girl Karma.
She never met a cookie jar she couldn't open, or a person she didn't love instantly.
She caused many smiles every day, and there will never be another Karma.
At the same time, we delight in the antics of Frenzy, as we get to know each other.
His service dog skills are instilled in him, yet he's still a pup, & full of potential mischief.

And that's life, the happy & the sad,
Jim & Ann
i am so glad we got  frenzy there when we did.
i tell everyone the reality...

"you give them a happy life and when it is over it is over"

frenzy is there to take over where karma left off...