Sunday, December 21, 2014

dec 21,2014
i am nearly back to fighting stregnth.  5 pounds lighter...
i am not sure it was worth it-- but 5 pounds is 5 pounds
now if i can just stay away from the chocolate...
but i am hungry - already thinking of the lamb chops they did not eat for breakfast yesterday...

people send amazing things... as you all know... however yesterday  i got 2 items to help with insomnia--- and for some reason i slept 7 hours---unheard of... could be 1/2 sick still, or  5 pounds lighter-- or maybe it was the brazil nuts or the new brand of melatonin-- i have tried meolatonin before-- so maybe it was the brazil nuts.
somehow i think the concept came from   britain... whatever--- i am now on the nuts... ( research results to be reported at a later date) 

it would be logical to  turn to the  medical report  re nuts.....--- 

i.e. bruce's problem seems to be slightly smaller as of last night.  because arron was here overnight- and he is unfamiliaar with dogs in general, we brought bentley and mariah in the house so that the 2 recovering dogs could have access to the back deck and not have to be walked...   the rest of this bunch could then be let out the front door- and eventually they would be back.

sarge with his very invasive surgery  to find the undescended to be hand walked only- i was shocked to see his scar-- about 6 inches all the way along his plumbing device.
it does not seem to bother him as he plays wiht kiara. 
bruce is an odd dog--- extremely sensitive to noises-- it is better if each dog spends some time in th e house so we can discover the strangeness of eachh one.  bruce was terrified of the noise of the crackling fireplace-- and also the noise the  food made as it tumbled into the yuppy puppy-  it took me hours for him to get near the yuppy-- and even now he is not sure-- but hungry...

sarge has the nose pushing down pat--- and kiara is close--  bruce has a ways to go... 
 but bruce loves steve-- in a santa's outfit or not... sarge won't go near him and just barks at him from a distance.
barking--- last night's mail call-- steve played that  "jingle bells" christmas music with dogs barking in rhythm-- and chaos joined-- many times 3 barks in time... it was spectacular....
rhythm-- now there is a scrabble word- probably derived from the german language which has always been short on vowels,
i always wondered why a-e-i-o-u  were  something the rest of the 21 letters were not.
twan has sent a bunch ov videos-- i really don't know how this all works  but 
clicking on thet youtube link will get you a really nice christmas collection,, and also megan startting ethyl on wheelchair pulling...

 i really love electric motors-- that chair has not been moved in 10 months-- and it is fine..  
Good morning Carlene (as good as it can be with tummy problems),
Just an update with Hey Dawg and me. 
Since having a small stroke in August, I have been fearful about being away from home. On Friday, I had a doctor's appointment with my cardiologist and ventured out with Hey Dawg at my side. We have done other outings and he is really a prince. Jerry was with us and stayed in the waiting room with Hey while I had an EKG.My doctor was running late, so I went back to the waiting room. Hey thought we were done and was confused when I left him again to meet with my doctor. Jerry said he maintained a close watch on the door where I had left. Many people approached and had a nice meet and greet and a lesson in service dogs and their protocol. After a two hour wait, we were on our way home. Thanks to Hey I am feeling more confident in my ability to leave home. 
Many thanks to all for the training!!
Hey, Gay & Jerry  
Annette posted this one (no pic)--forgot to say no pic with the last comment from Pam:
"Lydia and I had a little run in this morning with a "therapy dog" at the grocery store..Apparently we were ahead of this person with the dog, I never seen it..All of a sudden I hear all this barking..(NOT from My Girl of course) from this "therapy dog"..
All I seen was the tail end of the dog..going down another isle..I never seen the person..When I went to the check out (They know me well) The manager said, "OMG I thought something had happened to you when I heard the barking"..She said I don't know what she's trained to do for you and I thought something happened..but then I seen the women with the other service dog run out of the store with her dog"..
I said THAT is what you call service dog fraud..She said what..she said it had a vest on..I said the vests can be bought on line..she said it said "Therapy dog" on the vest..I explained to her they do not have the same access as a "service dog"..She said, "I didn't KNOW THAT"..
I said, SHE obviously DID because she exited the store in a hurry didn't she..she said Yes, she left with the dog..I said that was probably a case of buying a vest for "fluffy" just so you can bring them in the stores..a "service dog" would not bark while their working...
I said Lydia just looked at the dog, and turned back around as though nothing happened..
I had a customer ask me right after that happened if "we were working together" I said NO, that is what you call service dog fraud..and we had a conversation about that as well..But it was nice that she got to see the difference between the two for herself..
She just makes me so proud..   She is doing so well in the stores ,appts.., her walks..
This morning I was "trying" to teach her to give me a high 5...She "high fived me" 3 times in a row..I told her what a good girl she is..I turned my head away from her to look at something and as I was turning my head back she gave me a high 5 to the face   LOL..
Stupid is as stupid does..LOL..I need to trim those nails again..
I Love my Girl!"






julie--- if you are not on the daily doggie list , you should be-- let us know-- and there is a much better wheelchair lesson in the vidoes  from twan 

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