Thursday, December 25, 2014

dec 25,2014
what is today?  isn't this the day before the post christmas sales begin?

 i already bought a new tv- because the interior wall  of the house was not strong enough to hold up the old monster ..
and before everyone tells me i should have waited for post christmas sales to buy it,  i had 2 volunteer guys here  to put it up- and that was worth more than any january sales. 

interesting night  with a new tv,.... that means another remote to add to the collection--- i tried to watch the news- but the mixture of remotes meant the bed kept folding me up as the airconditioner went on and off ---while the car started --- the garage door went up and down..and .the tv in the other room blared forth the news. 

 but i did see the inner workings of the nutcracker performance from the one channel i could get
my life with technology is starting out well  today ..... 
i only had to redo my verizon password once before i cracked whatever code they live by.
they sent me a teaser  - i had a paperbill for $804  and today's  email notice  was a credit bal of $2.18--  can't help but be curious-- so i tried and along the way i had a new screen i had never seen before-- "your account has been locked"- i don't know how that happened-- but i am not going to argue that one.
kiara got the old "what for" yesterday by mariah who got very tired of the rude pup--- i am not sure there ever was actual contact- there was no blood-- but there certainly was alot of screaming and running---- i was pleased she did not run like an idiot-- which can happen-- she ran for my feet-- which is a sensable reaction 
bruce- who is now in the house- needs some serious conversation... he has a "why should i?" attitude which must change..   he had a bad setback yesterday when he was being bad- and i went to grab a leash to get control of the situation- and there were none-- so he got away with being bad--- that is gong to change today big time...  but first i have to make anothere 2 dozen ropes with rings... 
please do not mail me a bunch of leashes---   we find the ring with the rope the most useful and i make them by the dozen---  and tehy wander off--- i found some in the chicken coop...
this demonstrates the need for the new years resolutions to clean up and organize this ongoing surge of "things not quite in a useful place" 
in the real world  the problem is demonstrated by keeping the first aid for lacerations in the bathroom.  at sdp  magnify that concept by 1000%
exzmple-- why would anyone keep the artificial insemination tubes on top of the filing cabinet in the office.-- if there is a logical place for those , it is not in the office.
i don't have to go that far...  among the things on my desk are a packet of fabreze car fresheners... next to silver trinkets to label which wine glass belongs to who...and 16 various containers of chocolate.

so much for the 5 pounds i lost by being sick- i have either been re-hydrated- or it is the chocolate-- or those sinful caramels from montana

historically, when i heard the word montana, i would think of billings montana, and the trip i took to buy a horse for rex trailer- which i did, and since i had to hire a truck to bring that one home , i bought 5 more-- which  we eventually sold...  that billing montana horseauction is a well run auction- and they ave some great useable horses that go thru there-- along with some wild ones...  interesting google

pam just brought me some breakfast--- 
guess what ...
mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and a slice od teh standing rib roast..    perfect
 then on to making leashes with the rope over my head--- 
and then accreditation stuff..

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