Sunday, December 28, 2014

dec 28 2014
watching kaira get a drink this morning- and back off and drool on the towel, i was reminded of  my third grade.
my third grade class had to chew on wax and fill a small bottle with saliva as part of th e tooth decay/floridation trials in newburgh new york- 30 little kids- 30 little bottles -aim , accracy  and rubber gloves were, i am sure, non existant-  

third grade was a tough year for me- for an entirely different reason- it condemned me to 8 years of "she could do better"  "should try harder" " if she would only try "   on all my report cards..... because it was the year i got a perfect score on  an IQ test.-----before you make any rash decisions, there were details.

for this test we were given  ye olde number 2 pencil and a  booklet sort of thing--- it was a strange thing-- kinda thick.... so on looking it  over as i waited... i noticed strips of carbon paper inside it... those strips transferred my answers of  A B C D  to a master sheet-  - so by looking inside i could see where they wanted my X  which saved alot of time by not having to read all those silly questions--  i was done --- fast.

to this day - i remember a great flurry of activity involving the principal-- he scared me so i didn't say anything... i did tell my mother-- but since she was president of the  PTA (parent teachers association)
she was not about to admit her kid had to cheat on an IQ test.  

there is no way any one can live up to the expectations created by a perfet IQ test --- least of all
with my distinct lack of ability to spell. the next 8 years of  history, social studies, english etc-- all of which required spelling were a colorful aray of reports with red circles and the grade of "D"-- i am sure they would have  been "F" except for that PTA bit.--  then i got to algebra and geometry and i was all set... finally --- no spelling required.

you new commers  may not be fully aware --- as i have tried lately to work with spell check...
maybe to get the full flavor of the daily doggie we should do a week of no spell check..... different world.

which is why i am so thankful for people like linda k for writing those letters yesterdeay to people who have inquired-- or applied-- giving them an update on their status with SDP.,..

i wish we had millions of dollars to raise/train/ donate  many more dogs.  the need is there-- the dogs are doing a great job.  and the requests we get are tough to turn down.. but there are situations we just can not handle---time and money dictate that we stay pretty close to new england.   and we have guidelines on our web--  we give preference to veterans---
what really mixes up the process is-- the dog has to want the job.--- a great example is bella and george...- at least a dozen other dogs on the property were barely polite to bella,  but george loves her.

when we are dealing with people and dogs, there are sooooo many variables. there is no one size fits all, and all we can do is try--- i live in fear of the day someone arrives for a dog -- and the dog says NO.

it is unlikely- but-- remember the story of tiffany-- one of my first danes--- hundreds of thousands of people patted her-- literally --at all the chowderfests, harborfests etc in and around boston  - one day- at the prudential tower- there was one little girl she hated--- we worked thru it and went back to thousands of friendly encounters-- next year same job at the Pru  -- same girl-- same response.-  it can happen. 

the closer example is--- bailey-- kind sweet loving  bailey--- does not apporve of george( and i don't think it is vet related.-- what worries me a little is i don't think george takes it as serously as he should-- he is inclined to dismiss it with a cookie-  but i know my dogs-- she will take his $^&^&^ cookie- but the way she keeps her eyes on him when she is anywheres near him, looks to me like she is ready  to do her job as she sees it-- which is to eliminate george.  believe me i watch her..  there is THAT  look.. 

deb nelson (neighbor) was here yesterday to donate a toyota highlander to us-- i am not sure what we will do about it yet-- i bet itt would get btter gas milage than our vans-- 
we could sell it --- 2006 with 190k miles which for a toyota is not bad... needs tires and a few details-- looks perfect...
any suggestions??
so back to work....  stew day
  i trust people will bring us food-- i did finally finish the roast beef.