Thursday, December 4, 2014

dec 4 2014
i have good news and annoying news

the good news is -- i now have my cell phone in a pocket with in 6 inches of my ear
the bad/annoying news is i now look like one of the beverly hillbillies in a set of overalls that weigh 932 pounds... 
it is my latest attempt to foil the "where did l leave my xxxx" problem.. these overalls have pockets galore..

i suppose--- being a student of mother nature, we could look at  several aging processes as mother nature's way of coping.
  1.    you can't hear 1/2 of what is being said?  you probably shouldn't  pay any attention to  1/2 what is said  anyway
  2.   where did i leave my  xxxxxx  is mommy natures way of saying "time to exercise those ailing joints"
  3.  sense  of smell is diminished--  we don't need to go there
  4/  with the sense of smell goes the  taste  buds.. that'll keep you from gaining weight... maybe
  5.  can't chew?  there could be a classic advertisement  "depend on ensure"   but i bet they wouldn't run         that.
 6.  poor eyesight makes newspapers hard to read-?   so watch CNN  
     7.  short term memory shot?  that will keep you from figuring out  that if CNN has no news  they just put           on year old re runs.....  same news--- ?? so whaaa happened about   all that 24 hour coverage about         the airplane no one could find???

i had  great hopes for cnn when i heard they have some reality show wiht the dirty jobs guy... 
 and hardy a day goes by when i don't wish the mythbusters  were still around...   they had some good shows  ---like the example of exactly how far the sneezed spray really goes......  but then they got too enthuastic about blowing things up and you couldn't tell their show from the regular news.
we had another huge mailing--- nice lady in the big  uspo store---   when faced with 5 cartons of calendars....quietly asked why we didn't go to the  ipswich  po.  
never occurred to me--- i may technically live in ipswich, but  the "town" is miles  away.
while sitting there an 11 year old boy was kind enough to explain my cell phone to me--  he couod poke at it and make it do things i never knew about..  he loves dogs and decided he was going to ride his biike to our house (7 miles)--- in my effort to stay away from the negatives ... like you can't do that--- i said "wonderful-- get another  bike out so your mother can come with you"  at which point the mother-- who was holding her second boy by the hood of his sweatshirt, shot me a glance i wish i had photographed.
interestingly opal was lying  with sheila at the counter.. and was terrified of those 2 boys-- i was very glad sheila  noticed and quietly took opal by the jowls---  wherever you go with whatever dog you have...  you  have to listen to what the dog is telling you.. opal has no medical degree that i know of, but she spotted ADD from 20 feet away- and wanted no part of it.
 she may not know it yet, but  sheila has volunteered to manage the media-- doggie daily  mailing mostly....   because of her creativity   other things may happen via the internet...

problem at hand is we have had sooooo many requests   for the dd to be delivered to the emails  that  i cannot cope-- and she said she could do that even  from the wilds of florida...  apparently all that time she saves from having to shovel snow she can put to good use..  and i am overwhelmed-- mostly becaus e i basically do not understand  facing books and related things.

i have been very protective of our lists of supporters and  we must continue to guard against  that sort of thingas e grow--
she  ought to be better at it than i am - and have more time while she sits on the beach... 

sometime very soon the people who have been getting it  off the web, may get it delivered to their inbox and have an "unsubscribee " deal at the bottom.

interesting--- we have 1500ish names on  the DD list and only one unsubscribed.

( if i read teh reports corredtly..)

how frightening is that !!!

in this preparation for winter... another volunteer is going to  stay in touhc with our recipients and see if we can't get more regular reports to include intheis dd.
because noting i write is more interesting than having one of our dogs help someone get out and get going.

all this orgaiization will help 
with janine taking over the adi accreditation..

we are actually very well organized

bless those steady volunteers..
speaking of that--  feeding the thursday bunch has become a bit of traditioon-- actually feeding the whole tribe is sometimes a monumental project--- we can live on pizza and chinese food just so long-- and a meal of real food is wonderful ---    so be it.. and nw that we hve refrgeration and an oven, roasting stuff has proven a nice idea...

 the house smells sooooo nice.

santa is expected here sunday at 1pm.... and this is a real santa if ever there was one....

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