Sunday, December 7, 2014

dec 7 2014
i am keeping up with the addressing of envelopes for the people who are giving the $10 chicken brick number to their friends and relatives..  it is a pretty funny concept--- but a good one... and helpful to some....-- and it will be from the "draw " on jan 4th ----- 2015  !!! would you believe it... !!!  where did 2014 go?
as a matter of fact i am still reeling from worrying about computers going from 1999 to 2000..
little did i know that was no problem-- and the computers had a whole new bunch of screwups planned for us having nothing to do with the date.  ...
......and then they invented wireless printers... 

ahhhh the creativity of it all...

today schedule?

i am told colleen is giving a training demo at 10:30 in the arena-- which would be online if all cameras are functioning... and they usually are.  

 largest problem is to get that huge chair in to the  arena  -- not easy because it will not go down the alleyway so we will have to bring it across the flat field-- and i worry about lifting it  up... it is built to take pressure/weight from top down--- not lift up-- or even worse tip sideways-- i hope jack is here to help--- i can help from the heated seat of the tractor.....

i have the feeling it would be good to tie it together for support--- this is where the rope with a ring comes in so handy... you can  pull tension and then tie it with a ring...

love those ropes with rings---leashes, horse halters, tie gates shut, mend fences,tie trash on trailers, hold things down, hold things up... a  virtual plethora of possibilities.

but we need to get the chair in the arena before santa arrives at 1pm--  and this is the real santa if ever there is one... even in shorts and t shirt in july, he is santa.  red jeep with license plate  ST.NICK.   He is a friend of camera mark's.

this is a shatupon sunday so all that will happen around 2pm-  3pm......

 i am told food will be located in the training room ---

2 possible applicants are coming  between 1 and 4

nice day but cold???  i wonder if my new golf cart will make it across the field into the arena????  it should...  and it is red--- a santa mobile???

and things like  that...
Just a Lydia update..a pic I had taken Thanksgiving week with the beautiful snow and sporting her wonderful custom made coat made by RD RoseDoggy
Lydia is doing fantastic! She has had a couple new exposures (with me) which she has done well with. 
One was taking her to a groomer to have a bath and manicure..They called it the "Bumper to Bumper" ..Basically a nice bath, ears cleaned and nails cut..She didn't particularly "love it", but did settle down in the tub when they turned it onto massage mode..Her tail came out from between her legs at that time, which she must of discovered hey that feels kind of nice..LOL..She "tolerated" her nails being cut, but was glad it was over..Her ears she loves when I clean them so that didn't bother her..I will try to do it myself next time, we will see how that goes, as they don't need baths too often, they do need their nails done..We spent the next two weeks smelling her as she smelled so yummy!! Even the boys were doing it!!..LOL..
The other thing was to go through a medal detector with a sheriff standing on the other side. I took her vest off and sent it through the scanner with my pocketbook..Lydia and I walked through toward the sheriff..He was fit and of short stature, she walked right up to him and sniffed his chin..LOL..He lifted his chin higher..and of course I pulled her back a bit, he said, "I know I'm not suppose to touch them"..HA..I thought it was funny..But he did compliment on how well behaved and beautiful she was despite the chin sniff she got in
We went for a short walk this morning in the rain. She wore her coat which kept her dry which was nice...We didn't stay out too long but was enough to satisfy her..She looks forward to that walk in the morning.. 
We went to lunch today at a new to her place, she does amazing with that..Such a good girl! I bring her blanket and she lays on it. When we walked to the area, there was a large group of people (adults and children) sitting at a young boy was away from the table walking on the sill of the large windows..When we came in, the Mom got up and came over and told him he had to come back to the table..Lydia just looked at him..The Mom stood back a distance and explained to her boy that that was a service dog, and the sign said "Working dog do not pet" and that means you can't touch it..My cousin spoke up and said not very many people would take the time and explain that to their kids. I said yes, you are right, and thank you very much for doing that..
The boy inched closer and Lydia just watched him with her head down on her blanket..She never moved, the Dad eventually got up and came and brought the boy back to their table, and that was that..
She has saved me from falling several times with the ice we had had..Those split second reactions she has are amazing responding to a trip or slip..She gets so many compliments around town and she makes me so very proud..She is such a good girl..
<3 Annette and Lydia :)

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