Tuesday, January 13, 2015

jan 13 2015
i finished my elemers glueall and sawdust for breakfast-- with an egg---  but i have ost 3 pounds in 2 days
even tho i am weighing straight out of bed.. same time..
the venting of the day....

i need to have the fast pass explained to me--- i did not have an ez-pass  thing and  the bridge -which no longer
has actual people to take your $3 toll ... said it would bill me-- and it did-- and i paid it-- but for 2 months the payment was not recorded--- so they fined me $50  the same month there was a $3 credit on my account.- i wrote and asked what the heii and they sent back a notice pay $50 or you will not register another vehicle. so i paid that

what a racket....
some things i dare not fight-- i already have a record......jail record that is...
most of you may know this story-- but it bares repeating today.
i was installing a computerer at a doctor's off ice (100 yeaqrs agot) and got home late.
i had one southern comfort manhattan while dinner cooked... 
it took a while to cook-- so i had a second.  the phone rang- the police calling
they wanted me down at the station  because of some  warrant-
i was in contempt of court...
i knew nothing about  any warrant... but he insisted i go...
i had already consumed 2 strong drinks- so i sadi " i can not drive down , i have had
too much to drink and should not drive"  He said he needed me there and 
woudl send a cruiser out to pick me up.... 
 welllll-- .......we live quite a way from the station .. and i had time to mix another...
a wonderfully polite officer arrived and helped me into the car--- letting  me take
my unfinished drink with me.... good fellow....
i was very happy when i got to the station--  they had to hire a woman to stay with me
and i found out she was not even making the minimum wage.. so i discussed that
with her and anyone around who could hear.  they mugg shot me-- fingerprinted me-
bail was set at $20... i had $14-- and they would not take a charge card....i was in the only cell. 
 by about 11 , i was still on a roll... and asked why i was not being allowed to make a phone call
they quickly produced  a phone-- with some comment about anything to get me out of there...

i called Ann ( getchell) who is the closest friend i had to the police station.. it went like this..
" what the heii are you doing calling me at this hour"
" i need 6 bucks"  
"-- why do you need $6...you sound drunk?"
" oh i must have 6 dollars around here somewhere.. you will have to come get it"

so they gave me my nice police officer to dribve  me to ann's house- where she did have $6
some of it in change-- but it was all there... i was bailed out-- and they quickly took me home.
with instructions about being in court the next day.

i did go-- and the problem was a leash law violation-- and i the summons had not been put in my hand
but left in  the mailbox.
so i have a record... which probably means i can no longer get top secret clearence
what a pity.

i did learn that there are a feew things that just take too much effort to fight...
that summons sholuld have been put in my hand-- so i had a case... but....
it made for an interesting night... 
i was very glad i was not  involved withthe mexican judicial system...
ipswich police were wonderful-- i wrot to ht echief and tod him how polite they were.
today schedule
check out calitri's
maybe blue hil nursing home
buy some really exciting additions to my diet-- like raw celery--whoopie...
and try driving the new/old car.-- i am told megan dumped in 3 gallons of gas.

Giddy is settling in ,  she immediately chose the new couch, now hers& the 
sheet will go.  She hasn't eaten the  cat yet.  The trip home was clam& she helped me use the rest 
stop bathrooms  & helped me off the ground wen i stupidly sat on a big rock and fell off.
 Will keep yu posted on life as it goes on-- a better one I know..  thank you  thank  you   thank you..

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