Saturday, January 17, 2015

jan 17 2015
four score and seven years ago  - i wanted to train service dogs-- now i am 100% successfull and all i do is sit on this &^$$#&^* computer chair and swear at the printer, deal with "authorities" who tell me i must hang big red  fire extinguisher signs next to  red  metal cylindars that could not possibly have any other use than to extingush fires.
==--then----you must have a fire extinguisher next to every source of flame  so that you can run into the fire  so you can locate the big red arrow that  shows where the fire extinguisher would have been if it had not blown up in the heat of      said fire.
.----- you must get every applicant and volunteer to provide emergency contacts-- which you must keep locked away - so that in an emergency they will be inaccessable without locating keys which you can never locate on a good day.
----our legally designated safe area in case of floods is in the cellar of the house on the hill--- so cram that full  6 people and 4 dozen dogs -  and pray  you don't have the worlds biggest dog fight..

i get the biggest kick out of the  organizational structure which we must    provide so that any complaint can be properly addressed.... say some kid feeds a dog too many cookies- a camera person should tell a vounteer who tells the kennel manager... who reports to megan.. who reports to me... who reports to the board of directors..
these people have never played the game gossip--where if you pass the story to more than   one person it becomes unrecognizable.  
personally--- i am amazed how efficient we are--- and i think adi would be better advised to consider some of our organizational skills rather that try and dictate common sense.--  

you can not legislate common sense--- congress has been trying for years--- before they just gave up and don't do anything except collect an ample paycheck- with benefits.
if all men are created equal why does congress get better health insurance than we do.
someone sent me an article saying that a bedtime shot of booze worked for the first 4 hours but then disrupted the rest  of the night and the next day was questionable.
i think you are witnessing that now,.. my mind is not willing to function at all.. and i have a        generally nasty attitude this morning.
i have fish to fry..( not to be taken literally) --- more exactly i have words to google and papers    to   flip thru. 

 our super volunteers will have to carry the load today.  
i am only capable of playing with the  new M&M  dispenser.
luckily for you... a cut and paste...
Hi Carlene,
DiDi is doing great with our ongoing new experiences. Last night at a 
restaurant, she was doing her regular job of lying quietly. But suddenly a  
server with food in hand tried to rush past a waitress taking an order across 
the isle from us (where DiDi was lying next to our booth) and bam...the large 
salad plate fell off the servers tray and hit DiDi on the back, Showering her 
with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, and veggies. Poor DiDi jumped up in 
confusion and looked at me seeming to ask "what the heck is going on.... She 
stood quietly while I cleaner her off, then layer back down while the waitresses 
cleaned up the mess which also covered part of the booth seat and floor. 
Everyone was amazed at DiDis calm, her quietly laying back down, and the fact 
that she didn't touch the food all around her on the floor. I love this 
beautiful sweet princess. She has shown charm and grace even in confusing 
unexpected situations.
Thank you to all who had a part in raising and training her.
Karen and DiDi

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