Friday, January 23, 2015

jan 23 2015
short doggie

megan is picking me up in 1/2 hour to go to bella's school--she is having a problem with her attendent.   who does not seem to "get it" that t the dog is to replace her crutches and walker... .. she still needs help wioth doors and carrying trays etc..   this " you are supposed to be independent now so do it yourself" has caused several near miss accidents  where bella - TRYING TO be independent  is getting set up..

"i'm alergic- i hate dogs--"  "i used a whole box of kleenex today"
donna is going with megan and me-- she knows alot about 504 plans and parent approval stuff... there are sooo many  exact quotes from hunters situation   including a complaint that a process used to take a minute - and now takes 3 minutes..... so who's counting?????.
 i will try very hard to behave--- it will be a struggle....

it is most pequiliar for sure-- except bella is walking-- and things like muscle developement etc are on the improvement side... i heard she had some surgery postponed like hunter becuse of her activity with the dog... hunter has had 2 surgeries put off now- because he is walking with the dog-- in a more normal fashion than  "lift and place" with a walker.

and things like that


  1. Ego in the road! Guess nobody likes being replaced! Go Get Em'!!

  2. GO GET 'EM CARLENE, MEGAN, AND DONNA! I would not want to be that attendant or principal today.

  3. How on earth can folks who are involved with physically challenged people NOT be over-the-moon thrilled when something makes that person happier, healthier and more capable? When did the world become so freakin' self-centered?