Saturday, January 24, 2015

jan 24 2015
i am not happy about the meeting with the school principal --  and there are so many rules and regulations that i am nearly afraid to say anything..  i said nearly---- maybe an opinion.....

  in my opinion, if enough pressure is put on a person with any  service dog, and they get nervous, these danes are so sensitive that the  relationship will suffer- and when that does the behavior will suffer.... and we all know if a service dog is not behaving they can be thrown out.
i would be inclined to call that forcing a failure.
snide remarks are bullying in my book-- but... our concern is the dog--- and we want the best for the dogs we put in service.  with that in mind i do not know what the solution is....   actually i have not heard the latest report either.
other disaster of the day--- kati clipped teh very end of bentleys tail in the car door..   the last 1/2 inch-- but there  is blood in that 1/2 inch.. it looked so innocent-- until i went to the hospital for a mamogram-- bentley was happy to go with me-- so he wagged his tail--- and the hospital walls are white---  i didn't notice it going in-- but when i got in the waiting room where we all sat with nothing to entertain us... we noticed it.-- there behind me  was a little red smudge about every 3 feet.  in days gone by a little blood in a hospital coud be seen as normal--- well it is not now...  before i clould get out my slobber towel, an attendent arrived in everything but a hazmatt suit---gloves and all...- she cleaned up the waiting room smudges... but i knew..... th ehalls and elevator were going to have a problem--- so as i left,  i got some of those hand sanitizers that are all over a hospital- and very casually swipped the smudges ever 3 feet back to the elevator and in it...  as i looked back-- it left a tell tail white smudge every 3 feet-- but that they can wonder about on their own...

a tiny bleeding hole on a tail can eventually mean cropping the tail--- you can not bandage it-- and tehy keep banging it...
and then there tales and planning
i had a very delightful conversation with an applicant yesterday -- she had a speech impediment- and i am nearly deaf-- so we decided to resort to emails.   she may be coming here next week sometime...  i couldn't really hear what she said.
my  project with teh mitch miller sing along and the altzeimer group  had a setback yesterday--- i have the cd's   and bought an inexpensive player-- and before i got them in my car- the player is gone... it happens around here--- someone put it away-------
  i dunno where...

in the process of buying that player- i am using the gift visa card  a cp gave me  a while ago.....for fun fund projects-- like the question -- if an altzeimer patient  can not remember much, can they  remember words to songs they heard in their youth. so i wanted to set it up in the nursing home and see what happens...
kati has come up with a friend in iowa ( kati is from there) who bred her harl dane to a merle  stud  they got from europe- and got all black and merle pups-- which in the normal great dane world have little value---  so i have asked for photo's of the parents- and see if maybe  some  of those pups might fill the gap we are going to have--- i am afraid opal is -- again -- a lost cause.
and -- heaven forbid--- i forgot to go to costco for lambchops for steve's lunch--- must do that  today as soon as they open...
megan has a wedding to go to in miami about the first of march-- so she can be the  one to take a dog to florida-- 
in the process of cellar cleaning, and burning all tom's old medical records, we discovered a file  of many years of animal episode jobs... those have been sealed and  await  orgainzaton... i did see one job for the vermont lottery  3 donkeys s llama  and some sheep  -- in a studio in boston--- $2000.  there are some really good ones.... the emerson theater  ---a 2000 pound draft horse waiting back stage deciding to pee and the only thing  big enough to begin to hold  the gallons he produced  was my new llbean down jacket.---   the $90 parking ticket for parking in 3 parking places with my big 53'  horse trailer. there are alot of stories there.
--- that could be fun.  hardly any animal jobs were either simple or perfect...

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