Monday, January 26, 2015

jan 26 2015
100 pounds of rice and we are ready ...i also think we need a helium balloon to tie to wanda so  we can keep track of her in the 30 inches of snow predicted for this area... it is the blowing --- that really screws up the work.s.. we could have bare ground in the parking lot and 12 feet all piled up on the door...
plan is to get all the dogs in the barn-- with it's automatic generator and heat-- shoujld be fine-- and load the rest in this house-- where we do have a generator ( electric start) but we also have fireplaces  and ... bless that old huge cooking stove--
plus----locate the shovels before they get burried and require memory to locate.
a big job of the day  ---must get firewood  distributed to guest house and laundry/training room stoves...and then leave the tractor with a full tank of  fuel.  golf carts are stashed out of the way- and the big one is in the garage..  30 inches--  we are going to have trouble pushing it out of the way--  it is not going  to "push" -- it will be more lift and shove.....i did open the drivewya as best i could yesterday-

we should be fine unless  these 100 ' tall trees start falling on us-- that could get exciting.
we have lived thru a building collapse before -- the old arena-- this arena with it's smooth shape, the snow should slide off--- making an impossible mountain in the door to the flat field ( where i did manage to get the tractor stuck in one blizzard.)

several volunteers are planning to stay overnight tonight--  slumber party !! please-- back into the parking places
heat and food-- and we will make it. pizza delivery will be impossible--  but cooking with no electricity is a challange-- so precook and heat up is a better choice...
and maybe partially  thaw out the many gallons of ice cream

and another  big problem--- we no longer have MARY---  she used to break down a path in the deep snow..for the dogs to run in a loop  up over puppy hill and the flat field... janine reports that  the 3 fatso's that are getting too much hay will probably be useless..rumor has it the draft pony is not quite broken-- or else he is too opinionated to stear-   we can put maddy up on him and push him into the flat field-- with 2 feet of snow, he would come back better behaved-- and if he throws her off , the landing would be soft.

and traci --- adams-- just plain can  not leave-- she is too valuable in this predicted storm-- so she rebooked a week later...and was not charged for it-- i was ready if she had a rebooking penalty--

we are going to try and get the highlander back today-- it has been fixed for a week and i keep forgetting it.  plan of the day is to go to costco -- with wayne for the 100 # of rice for the barn-  and load up on food we can heat up---  soups are good... the tire place will either be inundated - or barren-- if barren i could try and my tires changed--.. i am told the supermarket is out of bread

and just to keep you all amused-- i did email tim and see if he could keep the leaf camera going for amusement purposes...  it covers the driveway area

 i have written a letter to the superintendant of schools-- i just sent it to  our board for approval  just to make sure i did not sayu anything i should  not have said...  there was alot i wanted to say--- and all of that could have been said in 25 words or less...  but i would have owed  about $23 to the swear bear.

someone sent me a Words of wisdom thing about people who swear are more reliable than those who don't.
must be true-- it was on the internet.

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