Saturday, January 3, 2015

jan 3 2015
i have been having a email discussion-- which could involve everyone--  involving the questo of auditing....
so here it goes....
someone sent...
$2 bills can be deposited like any other.
 Do you have a detailed account of the Fun Fund?

You know that should be listed as part of donations. It is not free money and is accountable. Your donors are entitled to financial transparency.
he $2  bills have not been deposited- and are collecting in the locked cabinet-
i know they can be deposited, but there was some interest in making some special deal out of them.. so they sit
as for transparency--  the ff money is deposeted in a separated savings account which got pretty depleted withteh purchase of kiara and getting twan's  airfare back and froth--

i always say what is happening in the daily doggie--  last expense  ( i have not paid yet ) mariah's ultrasound,,
it is for a fun but not necessary expense.
All donations, including mail call items should be accountable. You cannot hide things to avoid a detailed audit. The total is what it is.
i can not imagine the paperowrk involved with that assignment
i don't know what  you are getting at.. 
i am not hiding a darn thing-- 
for a while we had a volunteer making amazing things out of the  $2bills
we have a bunch  here-- not hidden-- made into  trees, shirts rings--  i have not counted them

i was not hiding anything from an audit--
 i am avoiding having to pay for that audit
i would be delighted-- and have applied for-- a probono audit from th e mass cpa assoc.
It's not about  $2 bills. It's about doing a thorough detailed audit to see what you are doing wrong and correcting it. It's very complicated. Using donations to improve your own property might be a violation. Not accounting for all donations received by mail (packages as well as money) could be another one.
Just pay for a detailed audit and go on. This is  my advice. I am not against you. You don't want to loose your non profit status.
you need to come here and deal with everythign  financial- and you are very welocme to do just that.
actually my personall accountant said  "i hope the irs   audits you-- they would not believe this unless they did--- " 

i started out being very carefuol abourt mine and spd  ownership paying for things....-- if it was nailed to a building then it was mine--- if not it was sdp
but now.....i have one room-- if sdp has to fix holes in the drivewy -- so be it-- the hundreds of  sdp cars in and out of there made them
the property is slated to be rented for the next 10 years for $1 a year. 
and 2014 is the first year  in 10 years   i had money  of my own to buy myself a car-  
i am carrying forward so much deductions on my 1040 that i have very little if any federal tax to pay-- without declaring all my sdp expenses... 
for example.....
feeding this tribe lunch of pizza or subs  often runs me - personally---  $60 dialy --- which i don't keep track of at all

on top of that   a volunteer   is an auditer for the irs  she is always .... around.... i am positive it there was anything amiss she would speak up loudly....

the entire 12 acres is used by sdp with the exception of my one room.... and bathroom.  i struggled to claim one shelf inthe   fridge-- and that was a failure...
so i am not worried about loosing our 501 c 3   status--  we are lilly white... 
  all except for the filing of paperwork  which i hopefully have got rid of  941  990  PC- things like that--- i wish one of you cp's would look up all that $%^&%&& and tell us what we have not filed---  i have a nasty feeling we are behind in our PC's  with the attny general's office... i finally got the 990 for 2013 corrected.. i think... 
go ahead-- have at it--  PLEASE DO  ---it is all public information-- let me know what is missing...  our ein number is 26-0058467
cutting and pasting....
i can't do the photo... but it is one of bella hanging half asleep on george--
Hi Carlene. I just thought I would share this picture of Bella and George with you. She was so tired from walking last weekend and George took good care of her.
********> > Hi Carlene, > > George and I are having a wonderful vacation. He is being so good. We go out everyday and work together. Last week we went to NY and stayed at a hotel and George was so good. Everyone loved him. He didn't like when I jumped into the pool though. He was laying down and once I jumped he jumped up. Once he knew I was ok he went right back to laying down. We are having so much fun together and I am so happy that he will be with me for a few more days. This weekend we are going to visit my Oma And Opa and they haven't meet George yet but they are super excited. Thank you for letting George spend vacation with me! > Bella
Happy New Year from Fiona and me. We went to an afternoon New Years Eve party. Fiona lay on her blanket while people walked around and didn't seem at all anxious. It got a little loud and she lifted her head and paid attention, but stayed still. There was a 9 month old kitten running back and forth and I was worried, but she looked interested at first, but then put her head down and ignored her. Of course, people took pictures of her and commented on what a good girl she was. Of course! We look forward to the new year and wish you and all at SPD a year filled with joy and peace.
Fiona and Mary Lou

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  1. As to the comment on financial transparency....What could be more transparent to the donors then doing it all live on camera! Between that and the reports of activity, such as improvements, vet visits, etc. in the Doggie Daily, I think we are all very aware of what monies go where! Maybe the IRS should tune in? And save some paper!