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jan 31 2015

rachael ( bella's mom) has a good eye for a photo...-- there is anotehr priceless shot of george standing 6' talkl against a fence, and one eye of bella's struggles to see over the fence.. it is bella and george's facebook page.
big lecture of the day... no dog is to be turned out without access to indoors....  if 2 are on puppy hill there should be at least one kennel gate TIED  open... SNAPPEDopen.. something -- so it can not be shut
 and there is a white board in ther for putting names and times you let them out--- this must be...-- i do not like getting calls from Norway  telling me a dog seems cold and can not get in...
great anger was with me....  even tho the 2 dogs involved were running around the hill when i got there and were not standing around shivering...  but the concept is a bad one for me--- i do not like being cold .. either...

WE HAVE ALOT OF BRASS SNAPS-- THANKS TO THE CP's  now use them... and if they get stuck , cup your hand and breathe on them-- it works---

also-- while you are at it.... if the water buckets are left on the floor, they will get a skim of ice over them-- even with the heat-- because the heat is up on their lofts---  30 degrees different--  but you can cheat a little  if there are no small puppies, by snapping them  to the chain link  up 1 foot off the floor..makes a big difference....

zena tossed her cookies first thing this morning-- well actually it wasn't her cookies... it was the yellow slime  which i am told is bile-   this happens to danes on anb empty tummy... a quick treat or two first thing...and they don't seem to do it. 
next... see if we can pull this off without mark knowing about it... he has a great collection of hats...  seems like you all could use your imaginations thi s month to come up with some wierd "head gear" to add to his colletion

this is about the only time i will refer to this--- because i don't think he reads the dd--- so pass the comments  around -referrin g to the HP for hat project...

if you look back at alot of the  sdp group photo's most have everyone in  his hats.
 ther is one other hat story...
  kieth- who has hudson- one of our dogs--- we were invited to his wedding and apparently  it is the custom in argentinia ( his parents background) for  wedding parties to all wear hats.. 
they ahd a tablefull of hats-- and i noticed  once anyone put on a hat- they became silly... better than 2 drinks- silly..
it was interesting... 
so funny hats have an uplifting effect... at least it did then...
cut and paste
When asked how Elsie was doing Jeanine said she is so happy with this pup, she is fabulous. She says the best thing is that she no longer has to rely and/or wait for people to take her places and Elsie has given her, her independence back!  Elsie is PERFECT in restaurants, as long as she has her blanket to lie on.  People are amazed when they get up to leave and cannot believe that,  that big dog was there the whole time.  Elsie did beautifully on her first plane trip.  People sitting with them wanted to take pictures to show people who they got to sit near on the plane.  Elsie is completely devoted to Jeanine and even if she is happily playing with her grandson, if Jeanine gets up, Elsie immediately comes to her side, to the dismay of her grandson.  
"Just wanted to share my girl Lydia just made me proud and saved me again..I just brought her out to do her business, we have to go down a nice snow bank (which is bigger given the plowing that went on today) to get down to where she does her business..I "thought" I had mastered the "slide" to the bottom on my feet with her by my side and me hanging on to her..Well, I was mistaken..LOL.. I went to do the slide down, my foot flipped the opposite way, basically I slid on the top of my foot, which made me go to my knee and slide the rest of the way on a downward angle..Still hanging on to Lydia..I got a "nice" hip flexor stretch (which mine are very tight)..At least the snow was soft :p
She stayed right next to me, looked at me as if to say, "Now, what did ya do THAT for"..LOL..I was laughing given the look on her face..I didn't even have to tell her to "Stay" (as Brace isn't HER word)  ;)  and she stood by me so I could grab her harness under her coat..She stood like a rock :D  I got back up and she checked me over and went about her business..
She amazes me daily.. :D    I LOVE my girl!!  

Annette & Lydia

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