Wednesday, February 25, 2015

feb 25 2015
today we must clear out of the house all the opinionated females and get ready for scarlott's arrival ... wanda has got to go somewhere..
we can try kennel 10 with riot... today-- the other option is the back deck-- but htat is not on camera.  maybe a crate in the house  for when scarlott wants to move around....-- otherwise teh tv room is scarlotts and she must feel secure there.  -- and she must have her family come to visit every day as they travel around... stop i n-- quick pat and a cookie... here is a photo ( maybe if it works)   we saved money on the ultrasound.... if she is not pregnant she has a huge problem...- and remember an ultrasound has never been correct for the numbers.. paula can play with our ultrasound ( if george says ok).

so in the main house we will have bailey  and probably ethyl---  then the deck bentley,chaos ( unless earlene can take her) opal( sheila will be around to  entertain her) &mariah---

SHE'S DEFINITELY BIGGER THAN LATE LAST WEEK!  bulging scarlott  ?i t did n't copy????

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slow day.. compared to some of the last couple  we could use it.
i keep saying i will clean this place up in the winter..

well it is winter and the mess still accumulates-- the overflow is flowing--
it is the kind of problem where i need a herd of scouts to perform the "carlene cleanout"
where i stand and take stuff item by item and hand it to a kid "here this goes in the shop"
and kid #2" this goes in the guest house"  kid #3 ... this to the ttent" infinitum..
because just sitting here at my desk, there are more fetch and carry problems
 than i could possibloy handle in a week. -  i have tried teh bucket routine-- with those great white buckets
and leave fill them with stuff that has wandered into the house and needs to "go back there"  wherever there is..

i hope everyone is praying for  purina to come thru-- do  not any one contact them--
but it means we must get a container here in prep...  for 2 months of food--

in prep i have you tubed " how do they make theose containers"
  and  there are 2 films on "how to go buy a container"
sheila is enroute to climb around containers in the deep snow along about friday.. last known  location she was sliding around in the carolinas with people who had never drivern on ice..
general consensus is that  spending a few extra bucks makes sense to get a good one..
i have some feel for that becuase it could end up a big rusting hulk that costs $7000 to get rid of.

 the caboose was nearly that... until some guy came along who collected them
and there are not many caboose collectors in the whole usa.
i bet there are not any who collect leaking containers...
 i will clean house
i will clean house 
i will clean house

and i am told the camera is out-- so you can not watch me
and i am told... by tim.. we have another portable camera s\alreadyt shipped to be ready fot teh birth

i can remkember how nervouse i was about filming the first  whelping.. i
 was so afraid the first pup  would be stillborn--- those things can happen...
 but the entire camera bunch has become educated viewers..
i expect you all to keep newcommers informed...
it is real time
whatever happens -- happens

remember the person who told us we had one stillborn because we were using cell phones in the room.
Tim( explore tech) came back with "that is because you did not wash them first"

so get everyone prepared....
 earlene has washed her birthing sweater...

Wonderful article involving Renee and Sir Thomas !!!!

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