Thursday, February 26, 2015

feb 26 2015
i do not know what this computer is doing with thi s email-- spacing is crazy-- sorry

i wish i had bella's mom's email address to suggest bella have a hand towel strapped to george's harness..apparently yesterday in the hospital he had a diarrhea which was no real problem in the hosp[ital but if he did that in school they might pull a fire alarm or something... if she had 
a towel she could cover it up which always helps immensely. gives you a chance to get out the cardboards.

it does not hqappen often, but it does happen. my personal preference is .. in a costco situation is to move my shopping cart over the mess .. and then clean it up. for the newcommers.... megan and i have both found out that if a male is peeing, it does not help to grab the thing-- it just squirts out anyway.. megan's episode of that was costco-- mine was sam's when i was working a dog from an electric scooter-- so it was eye level-- and it seemed a good idea just to grab it and plug it up.. did not work.....
hey-- this is supplsed to be an educational episode.
shiela has arrived home-- ( thankfully she still referrs to this area as home) after sliding
 arounf north carolina for hours- they made it...
 probably needs some sleep.. but i /we need to get on the container problem.
 since i heard from purina that they are donating a 2 month supply which will be 7 pallets
 of dry and 1 pallet of canned.- from their emaiol it sounded like next week-- 

7 pallets-- is a whole new ballgame-- they will fit in a 20 foot cantAINEWR but i had considered a 40 foot.
. ti li realized to unload a 40 foor you need 100 foot for the truck to unload-- 
with this snow, we ain't got no 100 feet any direction...
 so don't bother offering suggestion s as to where to put it-- the onnly place is next to the ambulance-
-- probably crooked so tehy can get a clearance up the driveway to unload...
 there is a $100 delivery fee-- so my guess .. if we find no toher way, we can get them to come back for $100 
 in the spring and move it...
because this purina project will save us thousands of $$ i think we shojuld go for the best container 
we can afford... that is where sheila comes in... she knows the owner "don"
and because we will have to stack them side by side, we may need one of those pallet slider things...
and the pallet of cans will have to go in the heated barn area for the moment so the cans don't freeze???

luckily the tractor can handle pallets.
and i like the proplan anyway... i used to feed it -- back in the days of animal episodes.. --- i fed so much that i got 5 bose radios from clipping weight circles...
today -- a meeting about the 2016 calendar.... i remember last year at this time -- thinking we were nuts to start so soon, but we just made it in th elong run... there is alot of details.. and creativity and inspiration does not appear on schedule.. we have some good ideas... someone sent us 4 pages -- some are workable aand we wil talk to william about it... one is comical; " have bentley and walter hold a banner...." and who would mop up all the blood from the fight?? even pull off a photoshop would involve them being closer than practical.. the hatred is great !

had an email from my daughter who moved to n.c. to get away from the winter weather-- she is 100% snowed in for the second day.... i hope tha tis not another storm moving north to us...
some has melted but you still can not see around corners when driving-- even in a higher than normal truck...
the only other large news is pam was up alot last night worrying about footsteps crunching in the snow... whatever it is , it left semi large footprints very close to the house..
like our friendly hawk.... who can no lo9nger "shop" foir varmits in the forest , and is living on about one chicken per day--- --our collection of guinnea hens is down to 2..

making me wonder about ordering chickens -- if you are snowed in and have nothing else to do-- try stromberg's chickens-- great catalog -- it is how you order 25 baby chickens which arrive at your post office-- and if anyone want s to do that and give us the adult birds after you go thru the 90 degrees for baby chicks episode.. we will take them.. we are going to need them-- matt... our friendly animal control officer reminded me hawks are federally protected..wonder if i can get a grant to feed them??
Hi All at SDP,
This is Ruckus!!! My birthday was yesterday & I want to wish my brothers & sisters (Pimentos) Happy Birthday! Also, Happy Birthday Megan!! For our birthday gift I ask (if you can)please buy a Chicken Brick in our names. Thank you! Ok now for an update. Today, I went to school with Mom & played with 3 kindergarten students. Mom introduced me & explained what a service dog does. I was very interested in these little people but I looked around from my down stay position. The students were calm & respectful. Mom was very proud of them for following a couple of rules. Mom said I was Terrific!! Mom & I have a special "thank you" time when we get home. I get treats, lots of praise & love. Friday I will be going to Middle School. Mom seems very excited about that. Attached are some pictures from today's outing & notice a picture of SDP. I'm lovin my new home but miss all my SDP friends. Im learning my Mom's motto "life is good". Love you all Ruckus & Carolyn

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  1. Yay Purina!!!!! A job well done by all involved :)

    Maybe the CPs can send thank you post cards to someone at Purina to show them the exposure that they are getting and encourage a healthy long-term relationship?