Tuesday, March 31, 2015

 march 31,2015
i tried to attach a great picture of last year's dogfest-- where megan was giving 
a training lesson to aLL TH ECROWD.. ABOUT OFF LEASH TRAINING 
we try very hard not to use any of our muscles to manage a dane.. 
 first of all-- they don't like it abd asecond eventually thier muscles are going to be better than mine...

it really is a lesson in   trust me and all will be well- which is the basis for service dog partnerships.

the washer int he guest house has been relplaced-
it pains me to think the motor in th old one is probably useable for something-- but we don't have that something..
like-- they  use motors like that in those hay elevators.-- which we do not have-- or need.. so we throw th e washer out??? 
it bothers me,
i hope someone at the  "tranjsfer station" will find it... i will try and tell my friend- the dump manager- that it is there.
i keep reminding all that  politittians may come an d go-- but the people who collect and manage our trash are the important ones in our lives.

i am reminded of the video i saw of the mounds of bagged trash  which they said was outside nearly every chinese city-
  it was being picked over by small children and large birds.
dogfesting is coming to mind.... especially since the florida bunch had a "practice dog fest" 
and calif and mo are  thinking of getting together. sdp is big on partying with food... any excuse is better than none.
along with juggling...  by dogfest time ( sept) we are going to have hundreds of the purina dog food little plastic dishes which need some creative outlet

creativity is  being challanged here ( back to TED  lecture  by ken robinson)  we still have notg solved teh $2 BILLS YET...
 we have a bunch..   we may have lucked out on that one..  somebody said they hjave stopped making htem..
 in which case, along with puppy breath we could sell them for  4 easy payments of $3.99  and 
we will include a second one if you pay the shipping and handling of $17.84.

  i gave up on pub clearing house.. i will just have to live without the $7000 per week.
  i was having a good time buying handy things i did not really need.  but then they tried to trick me by offering a bunch of stuff for $4.99
which i was going to go for  - COUPLE FLASHLIGHTS  ETC...- until 3 screens later they-- in the fine print said 4 payments of $4.99.. 
I LOOKED BACK to find the origionsl SIGN UP WAS ONLY A PLAIN ONE TIME 4.99. and they added the othr bit in fine print..
 it ruined  all my fun.
i was pleased that regarding this  bit  i am to write for Explore's blog, they were not shocked at the photo of walter at the fridge.
my impreswsion was that tom  wanted something more .... unusual... 
 my dilemma  is.. just how unusual???--  so i sent them walter at the fridge-- 
as a test-- with no verbiage attached as a test case..  they didn't seem shocked..  thankfully... it gives me some room to have some fun with it.
now a venting

we have had a problem lately with volunteers making decisions which really should be run by "the establishment"   i.e. megan or me..
i am not just blowing smoke.. yesterday--- we had some massive diarrhea - and i had just the usual "not again"  thought,
 until i went to feed the little pups some goats milk.  i had opened a new can yesterday-  we use 3 tbsp per bottle, 
and the new can was down to the bottom- then i hear  there was a discussion about how much and often we should be feeding 
scarlott- and we were not doing it right.  ok....
maybe we aren't, but when you run your own program, you can do it your way.. but in the meantime-- it is great to disagree, but talk to us about it
and don't just do something like that. or tell someone else to do it.

i am a bit sensative about having  people who are just learning to handle our dogs- acting - in public  like they are experts by using  their connection to  sdp.  megan and i have decided we will
sign plastic badges  which you must have  to take a dog of our into public.  like the certifications that the recipients carry.

we need more control of who does what  with which dog where--- megan has certain requirements for off site..
those "off site  badges " will  help.

first day no grace....

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