Sunday, March 8, 2015

mar 8 2015
i feel i must....
30 days hath september ---so jan has 31 ---but feb 28
so by actual fingerr counting  from jan 4 first tie,,,, 28 in jan 28 in feb --7 in march  is our 63 days gestation.
i will now go and tell scarlott.. maybe she is unaware of teh rules of this game.

everything should be fine-- she is a perfectly healthy dog.
i spent the entire night thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong 
i even had nightmares of a prolapsed uterus
... and then had to leave it to mommy nature  who  knows what she is doing... 
 it would be wonderful to have 13 more georges..  but if she has even one like him it will be a good thing
 i get nervous because soooo many people are involved.
-  and her temp is 100.1

steve is out running her over the potholes in teh driveway

however i did shut the sound off for a while   ---reality is reality--
teh swear bear buldgeth .
i am going out in my car today-- maybe only around teh block-- but i am getting out of here for a brief spell..
earlene said she would pick up chaos today... i hope she calls first so i can tell chaos th expect them-- that seems to keep chaos from staring out the windoiw-- if i tell her when to look.....
we had our usual battle with the sound and boy i do not understand why...
  the sound-- which we have beenh using at mail call for a couple months now-- was working fine...
then they hooked up teh new "nursery camera"  and we lost both sound and picture- but got picture back
leaving me thinking it is their end--- and tim ( the knowledgeaqbe tech type) thought it was our end.

to set the stage..
i do not hear well  and my sight for miniscule black buttons,screws and switches is  diminished... and my hands shake...? tremble???
he called on my cell and we started..  i am a wreck because if i put the $%^&*%$ phone to my ear to hear better ,
my cheek hits teh  screen and  it dials the weathehr station in fairbanks alaska. ...once i am on an important call, it takes that moment  to gurggle ,ping and vibrate texting  signals i have never bothered to understand.  and tim is trying very hard to explain to me what he needs to diagnose the  problem. "hold it up in front of teh camera" so i starteed to get up-- "no  sit down i can zoom"
welllll... i had no idea the powerful; zoom on that camera-- on the screen was not only the  piece of teh mic he needed to look at, but a few grains of sugar i had spilled on my desk...  individual grains !!!!

after a very strange discussion of  wires, cables ,and ends... male, female.. and the sizes thereof, .. all the time not hearing well and understanding less, we decided to use teh mic on the new nursery camera for mail call... which apparently worked..

must rememeber ---  that  new mic can hear me typing on this keyboard-- so every word of a phone converastion can go out to the world...
now for a few of the rest of the things i do not understand... the house cam is well over 12 million hits-- i now see that the puppy hill cam is ovewr 6.7  million and the other  6.4 million-- if all those are cumulative,, we are not 12 mil but more line 24 mil.  now if you take away 1/3 because they are all me trying to see if everything is working, it still is alot of hits... and the new one was  ?45,000 and was put in ?friday night? 36 houes ago??? really??? or was it thursday???

and then the   93996 Comments--  I Don't Know What That Number Signifies.. ? Comments Made Off This Computer?---  Except It Could Be Since 9/01/2012-- About 1000 Days Ago.. That Still Is Alot Of Comments Per Day.. 
time for breakfast   LLC---- left over lamb chops

from yesterday a cp wants to know if there is a disgruntled... is there a gruntled?
now...wait  wait  wait..


I have been thinking the last few days that I need to get on and send you and update on how Dolly and I are doing. I kept thinking, what am I going to write? Nothing really BIG is going on in the last 6 weeks, just the every day busy life. That is when it hit me, like a wave of heat that rushes against you when you enter a vestibule and the heat is blaring and almost takes your breath away. That is absolutely it... It is in the every day things that I do, that Dolly is the most amazing. 

It is in the days like yesterday when she ever so gently walked me over a hump of ice in the parking lot at work that made me cringe to step on. At the evening birthday party that we attended in a house with 26 people, 12 of them being kids and did I mention they had (2) 6 mo. old puppies?!? She was Amazing, with a Capital "A". I find it amusing that when Dale and I are driving home from one of our outings we climb into the car and take a deep breath at the quietness and serenity of our ride home. Then our conversations will always go something like this: "Wasn't Dolly so amazing, she was so good!! " "I can't believe she handled (insert situation) so well!" My heart then fills with such gratitude for the wonderful gift you, your staff/volunteers, and the SDP supporters have given me. I am very humbled.

We are eagerly awaiting the weather to change so that we can venture out more and do some really fun things. I am so excited to see what this spring and summer will bring for us, as it will be our first spring and summer together. Thank you so much for all you do and we will keep you posted on where this new life brings us!! <3

Brenda and Dolly

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