Thursday, March 12, 2015

march 12,2015
after 3.5 minutes of sleep in 3 nights...

i think we have 9 pups-- 

i can't even tell you the sex/color but i am pretty sure 9 with 3 others that did noit make it..
the ones that did not make it  were doa...  if they had lived, the colors in the litter would  have been
 2 black ( minus 1)
2 harls  ( minus 1)
3 light harls( bailey type)
1 white
4 merles ( minus 1)

breeding a harl to a merle is a possiblitiy of white deaf - and i think we have one... but we will train and deal--- a deaf dane is no different than a beagle that  does not listen anyway... all i asked for  was the possibility of another george- and i think we may have 5..

you realize these pups are siblings of bella& george--- if you have not watched  the tv show about them, then try the facebook " bella and george"

with delivering pups... breathing is the first priority, nursing the second... and a couple of those had trouble with the baqsics-- and i am thinking  "       if i have trouble teachng them to breathe and nurse, good luck to megan trying to teach them to  pull a wheelchair !!!
it should be noted somewhere   scarlott is a very casual contractor... no big scene.. a few pushes and they slide out..
someone thought we should be weighing them... 
welllll......  i hink they will loose weight for a day or so efore they start ot gain..  at that point we need to know they are gaining.... so we will weigh them today or next week... birth weight is not a critical--- just interesting.

at one point we had over 5000 watching and the cameras worked beautifully-- thanks to !!  we have had hundreds of thank you's for having it online-- you can thank explore for that one...

lots of interesting comments... but i am too tired to remember..

and i quit for the day.. and will have left over chinese food for breakfast.. and go sit with the pups.

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