Thursday, March 19, 2015

march 19 2015

happy 19th !!
i am told it is charlie's birthday--- i wonder if he knows we celebrate the 19th of every month- i have considered sending him a ppiece of cake... but maybe the better choice is a picture of the cake
annie is to get one today--
we will have to send a piece to traci (adams) who left early this morning... 
 she has worked very hard helpiing grace with.....THE ICE---and deserves a good rest at home with a big bottle of asprin
the other news is-- apparently the has it's own blog-- and they have asked me to write something- a couple paragraphs for it . . i am flattered to think this stuff is readable in the first place---i am still of the ilk where in high school "you need a 3 page report on general george washington's wooden teeth"-- i always felt sorry for th eperson who had to read all that ..... stuff. well i didn't feel too sorry-- i gave them plenty of red pencil distraction.. 
so back to the explore blog.... there has been some discussion about the fact that it will go to alot of people who have no idea who we are and are just introduced to my origional spelling and typos. it has been suggested maybe courtney could dress my paragraphs up a bit with grammer-- too much grammer and spelling and i forget what i was trying to get across anyyway.
so it will have to be written entirely differentlyt than this dd. tho maybe i could steal bits and pieces..
the first one i have started is teh photoof bailey and i in the bucket of the tractor avoiding the ice...
courtney sent me this sample.
Here is the link to the blog for your reference:
i have a bunch of emails from recipients  which i am  putting into a format for the tower of hope grant..  we have an impressive collection... great dogs  (* and people , i suppose).
that means sitting here most of the day... again...
looking forward to my mailcall drink of that horrid green goo that kati is going to feed me.
i am not sure why  this is happening-- but a challange is a challange  and i will honor my part ...danm it 
************** **************
arrow and vallerie 
Last week I went to Capitol Hill with two hundred other MS advocates for Public Policy Day. We broke into groups of three and ours met with three congressmen's aides ( the congressmen were on break) to discuss three bills that, if passed, would make life better for those with MS. Of course Arrow was a big hit. One aide couldn't take her eyes off him. She said he was the best marketing tool ever! The photo shows us standing on the south side of the Capitol. You can see the scaffolding around it for the renovation underway. Thank you again for my wonderful helper, companion, and marketing tool.

 Take care, Valerie 

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