Friday, March 20, 2015

march 20 2015
anne frank said "everyone has  one piece of good news"-- 
ours today is an 18 minute "tye" with yellow and noel-- so start the 63 bit..except... and here is where it gets  teh unique crazy acres treatment..

yellow ( an absolutely beautiful brother of pretty good  bentley) has thus far been lacking in bentleys ability to accomplish the somewhat pequilar ritual of puppy production...  so where less than 5 minutes doesn't count.. we are 18 minutes-- now we need to know that "they " are swimmers and have only one head.... we need to know- because if there are actually no swimmers or very few, we need to fill her up with our proven sire--bentley---- who is anxiously awaiting the call to duty. that end we must transport a sample of yellow's  produce to the microscope  which is now sitting where yesterday's cake sat not 12 hours ago..... it is useable in it's current form... it is much more useable if we can get it attached to a computer and produce digital  pictures of puppies in their very purest form.... well   1/2  of the potential puppies.--- it is not a needle in a haystack operation ... there should be millions....

this is where we get into the  coffee cup/rubbermaid sandwich box collection device-- which must immediately be transferred to a container - historically a syringe which is a perfect fit for   someone's armpit to keep it the proper temp for the run to the house.

whatever you now have for a mental image... believe me---- is it 10 times more complicated.

so much for your current education 
somewhere in my vast  education of latin... there is some expression about   et tu brutus  where brutus hands caesar a cup of poison---  this came to mind last night as megan served up the  cup of green goop- i drank it as my duty to the fact  that i said i would-- i had assumed the other people designing this  would  not just leave the project hanging.  even steve joined "thier" side and proclaimed  "it will be good for your bowels. "   well, i am happy to report there is nothing wrong with my bowels and if you would like to see my latest colonoskpy report, i can do that.  i will do what i said i would.   to be technically correct .. i think it was what someone else said i would do....
i wonder if brutus said to caesar " this cup of poison will be good for your bowels"

why anyone would ever think of insisting anyone consume some product based on what they had been taught to believe is beyond me.  they remind me of the woman who had alot of people convinced if they fed their danes some awful smelling food of ground up fish heads, they would not get  hip dysplasia.  
i think it is very possible that these people here have been trained by the advertising companies to believe green  is a natural good thing.  where i see green as something growing in the back of my  refrigerator, and quite possibly sickening,.

if it is not fresh produce right out of the ground, then it  - and your impression of it- is just a product of marketing.

it does not follow that people who drink green goo are good and those who don't are bad.. 

it is a very natural progression  to the  us  vs them mentality of 2nd graders bullying-- to sororities/fraternities/ gangs
--- to religions-- to countries... if you strip everyone naked with no visable signs of association with any group... people would not know who to agree with or to fight ..  they might have to think
there is a song--" you have to be taught to hate and fear"  or in this case --- to drink  green goo.

Hi Carlene, Megan, Kati & all the wonderful people at SDP,
“Cele-a- bra-tion time come on”!  Yeah, Ruckus & I are ready to celebrate our one month anniversary together on March 20th.  It has been a wonderful adventure in getting to know & love each other.  Words & thanks alone are not enough to express to all at SDP who do so much in the training & love given to these Great Danes. Ruckus & I have been very busy.  Following is some of the adventures & help she has given me:
  • Ruckus has helped me break several falls  & has assisted me once in getting my a## off the floor
  • Ruckus has enabled me to continue my volunteer work at school.  On Wednesdays I work with kindergarten students & her “down stay” is great.  We sometimes show the students how she helps me to “brace” to get up & step, wow to help me walk.  What I call a teachable moment.
  • School work continues for Ruckus & I at middle school on Fridays.  Yes a little more hectic as Ruckus gets up & stands by me when students change class.  It’s funny when she ducks her head under the desk & watches their feet but pops up her head when they say HI Ruckus.  Again, another teachable moment is showing small groups of students what a service dog can do & also what they should do if they see a service dog in public.  Our Fairport students are very respectful.  Last week Ruckus was a winner & hit when she met the school superintendent & school board members.  Ruckus seemed to know that this was an important meet & greet.  They welcomed her into the school & thanked her for her work.
  • Ruckus is a hit at the grocery store & loves her picture being taken.  She is so well behaved.  It was funny, two weeks ago in produce a woman got excited & pointed saying “OMG, is that Ruckus!”  I met Carol who is a CP & has been to SDP as a volunteer. It was a great moment to connect & made me realize that Princess Ruckus has a worldwide following. 
  • Ruckus & I have been to the dog park, hair saloon, and has been a great addition to my weekly physical therapy.
On Saturday we are going to a fund raiser given by the Rochester Ataxia Foundation & my friends are so looking forward to meeting Ruckus.  Ruckus’s help & companionship has helped me maintain an active and independent life.  I’m so grateful to have Ruckus in my life!!
Carolyn & Princess Ruckus


  1. Thanks for sharing the update from Carolyn and the Princess Ruckus! Her obvious joy in their life together brought tears to my eyes.
    Good work, all you folk at SDP!

  2. LOVED the update on Ruckus. Thank you Carolyn!! Carlene, just say NO to green goo. Do not let them bully you into it although I believe they meant no harm. Still not fair folks and there are SO many other wonderful reasons to buy a chicken brick. Happy Spring although it is snowing. :)