Sunday, March 22, 2015

march  22 2015
i suppose it is a good thing it is still bitter winter weather outside- so i don't want to go out anyway..
 i always get up with such ambitions.. today i declared ( individually- without and fore thought) 
i would clean my room. and desk 
 then finish the tower of hope mailing -
 finish to the point of theresa typing it on tuesday and mailing it then..

then clean up 2 more blogs for explore-- i want to send 2 thies week...
 one relatively normal about service dogs -- bella
and one lighthearted SDP event .. sledding
then i can see which one they chose to run first...
i am trying to figure out  what i am to do...

and groom my poor horse-- when i was a kid, you did not blanket a horse 
unless you were prepared to groom them every day-- because they do itch

janine put that blanket on when it was so cold.. and  i went out to groom him
but he does not come when called-- so i have to rethink that one and get him used to my feeding him.
there still is alot of very amusing things going on...

yellowed managed a 23.5 minute tie

we did not have alot of success with the microscope---   we had alot of problems

 joyce and i decided  God was a woman
because if God planned the  process of dog reproduction  she has to have been a female/

we came to that conclusion as noel dragged 160 pound yellow around backwards
 then crawled up on the couch for a snooze with him still attached. 
 he could not get all 4 feet on the floor...  i am sorry  steve-- it was pretty funny
consequently finally trying to fill the  "container" involved the sofa cushions .
i must admit  i was a failure.. too much going on... too many legs... all 8 of them

steve was in the corner groaning..  he did not see the amusement.
he was properly initiated due to  a  projectile which hit him about 10' from the rest of the action.
now he can appreciate what megan and i went thru with walter.

we will try again today-- but  i think i will have to go with "i have never had a normal cover fail 
and never had an artificial insemination be successful"

yellow is a great looking dog also -- and i would like to see what he has for pups...  without the bently confusion 

we need to have the  microscope working well..   i used to ba able to use it-- but i forgot that tooo.

rumor has it that eiterh opal or mariah is in heat... not true-- someone cut their foot in the snow.
i am glad... i am not ready to consider more pups  until we are sure noel is  withpups... 
this is where ultrasound might be  mandatory

2 "sharable observations"

in a mailing for  seniors there was one for what sounded like  a good hearing aide-- since the dogs ate one of my exspensive ones. i started to look it over. all sorts of printed materail -- free batteries.. code for deductions.. cost 90% less than some hearing devices... everything except what it cost in the first place...

and then on tv- i was looking for a new weather channel and ran into a 15 minute commercial for machetties with lovely green handles   sold as devices for   anti zombie attack.

and you laughed at bottling snow -- or puppy breath...

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