Saturday, March 21, 2015

march 21,2015
biggest news today -- so far--is (?are?)
 1.    sheila obrien emailled and  liked  the ADI accreditation manual janine put together and had only a few questions  relatively simple  to answer ( at least it seems to me... janine can do it)--- that is a huge relief....

2.    courtney asked if they could publish that first blog i wrote  with the ppicture of bailey and i n th ebucket of the tractor.... what makes it all come together at the end  i put
*******SDP is solely responsible for the spelling grammar typos and opinions in this blog.

i hope they leave it there... or somethg to that effect (?affect?)  see what i mean??? it takes alot of pressure off me to not argue with ann and others,,, whether   something  is  or are. ... as long as there are no cognitive differen cs...  
she did not say they loved it  but asked if they could publish it --- so i guess.... 

i sincerely hope i get a few suggestions from them as to whaT angle they like in their blog-- otherwise i could get in trouble... this dd goes to you  people who know us and have alot obf background knwoedge.. thiers goes out to the general public  - how frightening that can be....

i don't think they are ready for carrying sperm  around in someone's armpit to keep it warm...
update there-- yellow did not perform yesterday.. he has 4 hours today-- or brother bentley will be called into service..  i suppose there is no harm in continuing to add yellow to bentley ( or bentley to yellow)  but we need to have  some more definite indications of one headed swimmers..  back to the  microscope...


ethyl is doing a great jopb pulling  the wheelchair for dusty 's wife who's name i am having trouble with because it is   or is very close to joanna  who's name got stuck in my head...---
and i had a strange call from someone wanting the details of the return of lydia to service dog project from joanna - who was the bombing person... seemed to want to know the details of how we got lydia back that saturday night.. i have no idea why-- and i could put only some details together in my head. collectively we seem to remember she and lydia were here saturday afternoon and sunday morning-- if anyone has definite details of sat afternoon to sunday afternoon, please email me. 
steve is due here today and tomorrow- helping with training and handling in general... great assett.
and i forgot  to get the lamb chops  for the other steve... so i will be gonig to costco...!!!!~

Fiona gives me confidence, hope, and spirit each day.
She is my best friend and everywhere we go people are
taken by her. Questions and pictures are usual.
Bless all of you at SDP for the work that you do.
Fiona and Mary Lou

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