Monday, March 23, 2015

march 23 2015

i was going to start bottle feeding today - and i would have ... except since our storage area  got cleaned up and organized , i can't fingd a thing... we are the personification of 
" you can not fix a leking roof in the rain , and when it is not raining, you don't  need to fix it."

 i always like to teach the pups to drink out of a bottle before we have any emergency when they  would have to learn while they are hungry...  emergency is mastitis infection   where one area  is yellow milk and undrinkable--- yet needs to be drained in the healing process.. 

what this results in is hungry pups wanting to nurse-- fighting for room--  and you have one hand over the problem faucet trying to prevent them... let me tell you those noses are like a 500 pound pig with it's nose down...  massive pushing and shoving- til they fill up on other nipples and go to sleep-- then there is the problem of trying to milk aq dog.... people milk cows -- why not dogs???

let me tell you----no gadget yet works..... what you really need to empty those nipples is romulus and remus.... you know those twin boys raised by a wolf.  there are many statues in rome where they are sitting under this wolf with heads raised drinking  her milk.

consieder the  geometry-- we have big dogs, but no way coulod a child fit under there and have lunch.. so it must have been some kinda big dog !!!  they grew up big and strong on wolf's milk and went into the construction business of building walls.. one guy-- romulus-- decided remus wall was politically incorrect- so he killed him..
that  set the stage for the problems in trying to put together  some kind of government in that whole  mid east area.
and then our congress decided to help. 
so back to milking dogs...and the geometry thereof... i thought the  concept of cuttin off the business end of a 60 cc syringe, inverting the plunger etc wol dwork... it certainly looks like it should ..    maybe if i had teh entire 8 faucets from which to choose i might be able to .. but so far, fighting off pups at the same time ...absolutely nothing.   i had more luck expressing the milk by hand and collecting it in a syringe as i did when trying to get the black pup  to  get the taste  so she woudl start nursing.
that milk comes out of 4 pinholes at a time.. one drop at a time.. i do not know how the pups gain what they do  4 drops at a time.. but they do.  until about 3  weeks when she jst can not keep up with it and we go to  the  "dancing in gruel"  stage of puppy rearing.

one pup is on all 4's today   and eyes are slender slits-- not sure they can see yet.. but we are coming along
so is yellow-- i can not say he is improving his courting abilities-- or aim... .. but he did manage a 25 minute tie before she fell asleep entirely.

i still don't know if the 63 days starts from the first tie????
i bet it is   "out there " somewhere.. for our research department.
grace has her passport- i assume twan is all set for the big transfer... 4 pups fropm the netherlands to boston.
i still don't have the  accounting --  i did hear it would be 800 euros to get the paperwork  to get them out of the netherlands.
our chicken brick wall is doing well..  and i have quick piks to add -----keep explaining it to the new people... i see new names every day-- welcome aboard !!

our biggest addition (since the explore news of their continued  support ) is that steve will come work another day so he will be here with megan.. one day a week- and then do the weekends.
 it is going to be a tough 10 days without grace here...  i am told cp's will be around to help.. 

this whole operation is a working one... no way could we do this without everyone's help.  cp's  come here for a working vacation.. not to laze in the sun.. or snow...
now for teh great bottle hunt.... tracy??????

and so it goes

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