Tuesday, March 24, 2015

march 24 2015
we got thru the ides of march-- next litter should be the lusty month of may..i will  "try"  yellow one more time today -- stay tuned... and contrary to popular belief  i  know it is 63 days gestation, not 83--- one of my more famous typos...

pups will get goats milk today^%%&(**&^8 it .. we seem to have located the baby bottles where i thought we kept the flower  vases we never use... still need to locate  one of the the 2 blenders we own.
goats milk does not go into solution  willingly... and if there is a glob it will stick in the nipple meaning that after the pup sucks on it for the prescribed 10 seconds to start... he has had no goats milk..]

but the biggest disaster is that heatinjg up air expands the volume..sooooo.. you take a cold bottle , fill it with warm milk.. put the nipple on and shake it- and you could drown a pup-- because  the warm milk heats the air in the bottle, expanding it , the nipple has just enough "give" not to notice until  you invert the bottle in the pups'mouth when it comes squirting out the hole. so we have a shake an d invert over the sink until it quits-- even then if there is a question, loosen the cap and tighten again.

we start with 2  ounces for the 9 pups.-- and give each pup  10 seconds before twisting the bottle and taking it away.  under feeding is far better than overfeeding... you do not want to hear any kind of gurggle.    they will get what they need from  mom- so this is just a boost and let them nurse all they want.

SINCE we have many newcommers- and this is supposed to be educational....- get ready for the way moms feed pups next-- which is to vomit the contents of thier stomachs. and the pups will rush in to  the 1/2 digested  feast.
think--- wolves bringing breakfast home the easy way.  this  method hangs on even now..  tho some moms seem to be more "generous"  than others.

so do not call me on the phone and tell me she is sick and the pups are eating it.
your  whole camera community has come a long way since the 2am call telling  me there was a bird in the barn.

i was amazed no one called last week when it looked like a dead rat  was  on the bed in kennel 10..  i did not know the pups had been given a toy rat-- i almost went toi the  barn myself   at 5am to remove it when  i  thought-- it can not get any deader- -- we do not have any rat poizon on the property---- and  we were in the process of getting more   snow,  so i left it there...

the next step in feeding  pups  is to grind puppy chow to the consistency of predigested vomit.. and teach tehm to eat out of a bowl.. this is where messy takes a whole new meaning.  because this is where mommy no longer cleans up after them..  her theory  "i did not put that struff in them and i  ain't cleaning it up when it comes out."  

from there it is to their own bowls in a row, to eating canned food off a spoon waiting theri turn-- and we are on our way to a finished dog !!

I WONDer if we could reproduce that gagging vomitimg noise to call the pups..  it is certainly an effective way mom's call them.. we have to resort to tapping on the cans.

and speaking of cans-- purina has said they will give us some-- a pallet  --- should arrive in a day or so..   that will be 1200 cans !!!    wooowoowooowoooooooooo

you can not say we feed purina  just  beacuse it was donated.... i can prove it... long before i was a charity-- i provided dogs ( and cockroaches and cows) for movies/advertising etc in the new england area.. i had a bunch of dogs  of may kinds-- and i fed soooooo much purina dog food that i "earned "  5 Bose radio's- from cutting off teh weight circles-- i can not remember how many  circles but A BOSE RADIO  cost the most WEight circles in their pro club  catalog. and i had alot of dogs... 
 i hear an arguement that purina spends so much on advertising that there is a higher quailty food from a company that does not advertise.. i really doubt it... because purina  is sooo huge in the animal feed business.. ttht if there was a better food to be made, purina would make it.. and charge a fortune for it.   purina food is not new to me... the mfg it themselves... 
 it is not mfg by diamond manufacturing... diamond makes so many of the other brands (including  costco's kirkland which we were feedign)
now --- the lawsuit story-- i subscribe to a service that alerts me to  any recall information.  it seems legit... i have not heard of any problems  with purina in years.  - the last real fiasco was the diamond mfg problem ---a recall there was huge- and i think it turned out to be caused by duct tape not being sanitized... 
i  don't see the name diamond mfg any more... they are every bit as busy-- they just changed the name/labeling..  i look for it out of curiosity.

now for my problem of the day/night... you know i have  a significant problem with binary  decisions... right/left  up/down  clockwise/counterclockwise... etc.
i have 2 remotes to manage teh tv in my bedroom.--all i wanted to do was check teh cnn news - even tho i am sure they actually have reruns of news from years ago... i pushed the first digit 1 of  the 100 i was looking for. well the tv decided i had cut it's major means of support and  showed a close up of roofing shingles. with a pop up window that said "you screwed up".
my intelelectual capacity at 2 am is decidedly  impaired. but after 20 minutes of watching these roofing shingles sliding around the screen, i figured/ remembered that  something has to be on channel 3-- and i was  no longer there. with concentrated effort i finally got one of the remotes to get back on ch 3- at which time it showed just one channel-- and if i changed that channelk i got a notice "picture  function not available"   more diddling and i saw notices.. ipswich rabies clinic, turbo hocky, museam ambassators wanted, and the art and history of  making shoes..

i cursed my tech ability and went back to bed.. this morning it is like it never happened...
i do not understand the logic of all that
and i do not like not understanding.

so i move on to the goats milk bottle episode of our lives...