Thursday, March 26, 2015

march 25 2015
puppies bottle fed.. now... i remember why i own a pair of welding gloves- and why i question whether 
moms have any sensory nerves on the milk bar. those toesnails are brutal -- and theh thrash about with 
them- it may stimulate moms milk  but it sure turns off the surragate mom with the bottles !!! i mss earlene's help

and with grace leaving the country,  life is going to be TOUGH !!!!

eyes are open-- they are crawling right on schedule- and we are surching for the white shelving to contain
 them  wile letting scarlott jump over-  it used to be in the rafters of the nutt house... but that was before 
we got organized..  right !   "it must be in the cellar?????"  my problem with that is-- we never go there
 in normal travel so we  it becomes   anything missing "must have been stored on the new shelving in th e cellatr"   
it is the same theory with the water buckets... i don't care if having them by the door makes you trip over them, 
... you see there water -- are they clean/fresh??- put them inb the back "out of the way... 
any you could have 3 day old water with a dead bird floating in it.... and a sick dog... 
-----so trip over them

we had a class of kids from the community college-- and as usual there are always a student or two who 
 weould be very handy to have around here..  AND I  have the name of the teacher.. somewher.

tracy has just come in and my serenity is about to be disrupted again.. she / and pam have reorganized the 
stuff.. moving the twoel rack which is also loaded with the candy.. over by the front door- and moving th e file
 cabinet behind the puppies-- it does make sense..
we go in that file cabinet maybe once /twice a day-- and we need emergency towels (and candy) many 
 more times a day than that..

luckily in my fascination with  wheeled dollies ( i love wheeled things) all these things are on wheels.
i am sure i did not have enough of the kind of things i wanted to play with as a kid...
if anyone had ever explained how an axle works, i shutter to think what i would have built
because i kept collecting wheels, with no idea of how to make them work.

the current  result of all that is in the back of the arena( unless someone has organized the place) 
i have a strange collection of "round thingd"--- and before anyone makes too much fun of that, 
all the cp's at dogfest gave us the  "welcome to crazy acres" sign in the driveway.. 
 the granite is circled by and anitque wagon rim.. - it must have been a darn big ewagon..
the other rim is in the t tent fireplace-- and the third one in the tip[i
so there must be one more around somewhere...
the purina  "canned food " arrived yestrerday-- it is the kind in little plastic dishes-- which means .
. we will have a huge quantity  of little 4"x2" dishes-- somehow we need to figure out something clever to do with them
--- besides screws and nails...
last night-- on th escience channel- which i am forced to watch since fios gave up weather ( too controversial?)
i learned one thing--   used  office paper is the main ingredient for papertowels-- i can not think of a better use 
for paperwork than blotting up sh#t.. 
we still are not home free on the accreditation bit.. more questons...

luckily both my children have minds that work like accreditation  stuff... 
"they need a"policy"  so they can check off the little box" 
right....  that is why i put big red stickers on the big red cylindars that are  fire extinguishers.

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  1. Maybe you can use the little plastic dishes for Hawk patrol.. Put holes in them and then hang from rope..they could clink together to be even more effective