Friday, March 27, 2015

march 27 2015
lydia/joanne-- top news.. indicted for stealing from the boston bombing one fund.. among other things.
certainly  i   decided alot of things - which is why we took the dog back.

WHEN DID I KNOW?  I THINK IT WAS   the day i said "hey you forgot your cane."
by then she had lydia...

clearly she was dead wrong...  but i can not discount the fact that she had help 
in this "business" of being a victim.
certainly lying is pretty high on the list of ...." don't do that!"  but in running 
her business, free advertising was high on her list.  
having a service dog was one more thing to hit the news..

i do have alot of questions---- that being said... i would also like to see several other people questioned..
like any doctor who provided her with documentation and saw her twice a week for "treatments"
how much of what she did get went to pay lawyers for egging her on?

i know she spent a great deal of mental energy on  how to get more from the One Fund..

 her mother is a lovely woman..  and last i saw her, very confused.

unfortunately -- there is too much in the US  which is geared to  producing victims .
 #1.   the  tv ads-- "if you have a loose tooth  come to our law offices- we specialize in loose teeth
and you should not have to suffer because of some dentist's loosening your tooth.,
#2.    the school system--since you have a doctors note about adhd, you are entitled to special education
and are not required to write in a legible fashion ( that was a community service - perfectly normal looking/acting   kid from the ipswich school system). ---  now with 87% of the kids on special ed- there is no money for the genius types.
#3.     the VA- "you are 100% disabled  because of a bunch of hardware in you-  the 100%  disability check will get you not enough money to live on, but if you go get a job, your disability will go down to 72%.   i swear the va is responsible for 1/2 the PTSD all by itself..

if you ask me...  and wisely so, no one did.... i would outlaw the  lawyer's help wanted ads, redo the school system and the VA

being a helpless victim   is a national  occupation- 
 instead of.. life is not fair-- get over it and get on..

just wait til some of these  people  hit old age with all it's problems -- and no one to sue because of it...

gwen ( daughter) and  i had a long discussion at dinner the other day about 
 national trends...  the germans do things right, the british have a stiff upper lip,
and the americans  are victims who are entitled.

before the roof comes down on my head,  yes there are people who are very entitled. 
but there are a bunch who are not.-  the gap in the middle is filled with lawyers.

my classic example... college roommate in Edinburgh-- 'nother gwen... was in a car accident
and had severe damage to her arm-- when it was all healed she can not straighten it all the way.
her british attitude of   "i am lucky to have the arm" 
this  is 180 degrees from " the doctor must have done something wrong and our law firm will get you millions for 
having to go thru life with a not quite straight arm."
tomorrow i will vent on bankers... maybe
jackie has arrived-- with a bunch of food from  spinelli's  which we all enjoyed..
julia and ethyl are doing  famously-- what a great couple they are-- she is lucky in one way-- she is married to a great guy- and they work together beautifully  ( she and husband ,,.... and she and dog)
they are enroute to MO  today around noon..  he is still active military. 

ethyl is still on meds from some strange tick borne problem--  george and one other  vet have given her the  "should be ok, let us pray and stay in touch" 
i always get so nervous about a person who has become so absolutely dependent on a dog... except  ethyl has shown julia there is a  stregnth after becoming wheel chair bound. hopefully they will have a long happy life together.. 


  1. You are right on target, Carlene.

  2. The Joanna Leigh/Lydia story makes me now wonder if she even might have let poor Lydia go on purpose to gain attention to herself!! So glad that incident actually happened (or something else would have) to bring to light she wasn't a good match so Lydia could be returned and now have her forever home with the right, loving person! It is sad we have become such an entitled society!

  3. The only thing anyone is "entitled" to is their opinion; everything else you have to work for.