Monday, March 30, 2015

march 30, 2015
sold out with a day to go !!!  just in time for grace to "take off"
she has family in the netherlands--  so it is a great opportunity for her to take some time off
from doing sooooo much around here. 
i wanted to give you  her flght numbers   so you could track her progress..
 but all she has given me is her arrival time in schiphol airport -- which is  8:20 tues am..

we  have a few people who have said they will try and keep the laundry up to date while she is gone.

the other chicken brick newss is that a couple people who shoulod have got  the cards -
- have had their envelopes returned.. so if you bought a brick dec  jan  feb  abd did not
 get a caqrd, send me an email.. annie is on that project.
moving on .. keeping focused...
  IF... by rudyard kipling......  (my mother gave me $10 to learn it when i was very young...)
 the pups may have to come in 4 crates instread of 2  because of their size...
the only good thing about that is we will have more crates around to house 
wanda-- she is a holy terror- putting another hole in chaos...

earlene and paul took her on a long walk -- chaos always looks so much  happier  after she spends time with them...
then she comes in and sleeps on the sofa with a "i will just wait for them to show up again" look about her.

on tv this morning  was "they hacked my brain"  and it was put on by luminosity-
i have forgotten which pup is which-- but one is luminosity  .
the show was fascinating-- about improving your brain --- and it was not a sales pitch
but following one guy as they did all kinds of experimnents on him and gave him games to play.

none of which i could do except to think about... 
the one that fascinated me is... teaching anyone to juggle will improve thier reaction time
and general thought process.

what a great idea.... back when... my kids were  about 10 and we had that foolish kids circus, i 
started one summer by telling  the whole group to learn to juggle by the august performance

so the whole summer we had kids wandering around throwing 2 or 3 things in the air.
most of the time picking them up off the ground...... but  the did learnj.... and the concept was very valid
it takes no million  dollar equipment--- couple pair of rolled up sox or  couple oranges.

what a great idea for dogfest--- not really a contest--- but a group activity would be amusing...
if you all start now... how to diorections are all over  the place, but  from my scant knowledge
start with one and say one-two  as you throw and catch..
  then proceed to 1-2-3-4 sequence with a throw throw catch catch- 

a very amusing and unusual thing to do---  so practice that !!  we will have a juggling activity at dogfest

dawn--- ? a good group activity for  your kids  ?
janine rode my horse yesterday and he behaved very nicely...
 ryan just came in and i asked him to build me antoher set of steps like thei ones in the areana
otherwise it will have to be the bucket of the tractor !!!

thought for the day....
富裕層への嫉妬に狂う天空橋 (via Twitter)
right !!!

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