Wednesday, March 18, 2015

watching that science channel overnight instead of the weather just fills my head with questions
like an underwater sunami wave????   underwater????  words like Swallowed up the  ship... 
or perhaps  the submarine the threasher???? 

i was terribly nervous getting on the ferry  to long island   -- or even a row boat.. now i really won't.
apparently there is a "bermuda triangle" of ship disasters  over there by china- 
which just happens to be the exact spot right thru the diameter of the earth.

then they made a big deal of the red lake in ?bagdad being blood of millions... they even calculated
 the blood in the human body and the gallons in the lake...-- which made me question if just the blood 
was used to fill the lake, where was the pile of other body parts.?

well i don't know about that, but i had a friend who woke up one morning to a swimming
 pool of purple water  and she called the swimming pool fixers and they poured
 in something and it cleared up .

these satalites don't miss a thing---things we never could have seen before--
i have a serious question about crop circles..  did we just not know about those til we flew around in airplanes??
i know they can be done by a bunch of guys with a board and some rope... 
except- i never saw any collection of humans who could produce anything so perfectly-- without one bunch of wheat flattened unintentionally---- especially overnight.
just one circle-- sure i could believe that... but some of the designs

so that is my concern for the day
new fridge arrived-- and it is a struggle to get it cluttered so soon... but they are working oneit.

because  so much of the depoth is taken with wide shelves on the doors, there is less "backj shelf ' room..
i sat here at mail callyesterday--- 9 pups now-- 4 coming  first week in april-- and noel( assuming she gets bred,) mid may.
time we got back to being organized---and all that hawk preventative "used car lot" junky looking overhead banners.. are all trashed... we had more than we used-- and tracy thinks she knows where they are. 
bu the time theis bunch of 9 is 8 weeks old we need to have the nut house and v pen fully functioning.
currentlyh the v pen is behind a   barrier - 6 foot piles of snow.

and i wonder what chaos would think of baby sitting the 4 from the netherlands.. problem is they will not be babies.
babies are cute so everyone takes interest in them-- these will be arriving at the pain in the neck messay stage...
betsy frost has offered barn attention on thursday mornings... to hel;p with the new horse-- 
i can not get him ontot the p-arking lot yet... it is glare ice and he has flat shoes on.

there is some expression " just like a hog on ice"?  which  could be a horse with steel shoes/

it is too late in the year to hae ith eice calks put on... there  is such a thing.. ?borium?- 
 smaller borium calks can be helpful on hot top...or concrete.  i did use them for parade type stuff.
i need to have all the informaion for this tower of hope grant... and have sent out requests to  several of our recipients who may fall within their grant guidelines.. like veterans from iraq and afgh...
so if i asked for  a paragrtaph-- please..... it could mean $15,000
i will now turn around and set up the quick pick "board"   for people who send me their checks for chicken numbers
 the online board is 1/2 sold now-- wonderful...( see comments about all the new pups to support/spoay/neuter)
i will either  put these on the wall--- or add them to the wall numbers---
today is traci adams last day-- she has been a huge help to grace  with the snow... we are sorry to see her leave-- but she said she would come back to play with welding  during dog fest.
she leaves extremely early tomorrow morning so we will have to send her a piece of the super cake that we are now getting on the 19th of every month --  to celebrate all the birthdays aniverserieas ... whatgever .. for the month..
consolidation of caloric overdose  in just one day

and so it goes

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  1. Found this interesting forum on borium calks for horse shoes...