Thursday, April 16, 2015

 april 16 2015
explore put up the bentley picture yesterday? on thier blog
which means i have another to do todya..

i have lined up a few pictures for future blogs, but i can see down the road , this is going to get more and more difficult.
 oh.. we have more--- on the  external drive mark has given me with 43,000 photos on it.
it sits here on  my desk staring at me... daring me to try aND find any specific photo on it.
the additional problem is  coming up with words.. spelled correctly... which form a coherent thought in 3 paragraphs..
but i will try... i will survive...

when i write thie thing i don't worry too much aqbout being coherent...  and io am told my spelling is a  "charming" additon...

the problem i have with mark's 43,000 pictures is that , if i mention one to him,..... he can find it !!!
next problem ---- this cpa course 20 ? volunteers took with alice ( she has pistol/bristol) and works for the red cross...)  apparerntly   she highly recommennded getting  a  heart zapper thing... which sounds a little far out to me.... except we have  a check to use  from costco for about $1000 - which is what they cost...  i remember sitting here discussing it with  a couploe people and saying it would be a good way to use that  $1000... that was a few weeks ago and it has not arrived so i need an update on the propgress of that purchase-- except i can not remember who was researching it.
which brings up another serious situation.
we have no rats in the barn.... to some that may sound strange... but barns have rats-- healthy  grain fed rats--- which we snap trap and feed to george's rehbilitating raptors... to have none???? something is wrong...
i certainly hope no one had put out poison-- that is absolutely forbidden on the property-- on occasion  a dead rat becomes a dane chew toy on ocassion- so a poisoned rat could be deadly..

so with all the problems i have on my plate at the moment, the lack  of nice fat healthy rats in the barn is pretty high on my list.
we are in the situation of having people be able to make decisions on thier own, but the concept scares me badly 
so much is going on and one little slip up can have disastgerous results.
so ..... here comes this accreditation bit again.... we have to make a policy that no changes will be made without my permission
i hate micromanaging... but having rat poison sounds so logical to some people- they might think they were being helpful..
so when i sound like i am being a nosy busybody, i am just trying to keep track of those kind of details in so many situations where i hear only the every fifth word...
 i have been up most of teh night--  can i  prove it????  put it this wqy, i made 20 monkey fists-- that is a couple hours worth
now i think i wil go to breakfast at the only place i know that is open at this hour (5:30)   the truck diner on rt 1
they have great eggs benedict-- how great?? i do not know the exact cause, but  shortly after i was there last time  i had food poisoning....  it is a busy place -- it should not have been that....  who knows..

i may in a few hours...

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  1. thanks for info, i think on thier blog
    which means i have another to do todya is great :)