Thursday, April 30, 2015

APRIIL 30 2015
30 DAYS HATH SEPTEMBER..... AND  APRIL-------- i think i am ready to rid myself of april-- wild month.

only good thing... after a disasterous start ,  symon has-- according to george-- "turned the corner"  we must keep in mind he coudl turn another corner  in any direction at any time... they all could....... making me a nervous wreck.
we all did what we could-- from grace giving him fluids   donna boiling chicken livers to george giving him a virtual cocktail of modern medicine to megan sleeping on the floor in the hospital..... his tail was wagging yesterday    24 hours after i was sure we would be doing an autopsy.  

george mentioned maybe coming home today  to complete my nervous nellie bit-- i really want to hear a diagnosis-- or at least the results of the lab work---  if it is anything really bad -- i don't want him home yet  because we have no quarentine icu area-- which we have thought of building-- ..

 well... no ... maybe we do.... the donkey trailer  could be made very comfortable for him  wayback beyond teh chickens... quick put up a fence and back it in...throw down a home depot rug to be tossed after he's better...  then after  tow it to the hot sprayer for sterialzation..--      it even has 2 compartments  and could be heated with a milkhouse heater.. maybe not in january.... but in april--- a piece of cake.

so we have to get it empty--- not going to be easy.. but doable.

bricks are going.... about 250 left... i have a few more  quickpicks to enter-- we may get sold out yet !!!

this "umbrella"  tent for a better sitting area... has got to happen.. i am going to try a test case today  to see if i can get 11 sonotubes in a row and level.  if so  then i would just have to buy dirt from masterson.. he would put in the sonotues levell and in perfect spot for alot of money .... but...... because they are basically to hold the tent down... not up... they are attached with a piece of hardware that  adjusts-- so if we can land tehm within 4 inches  we should be able to do it  with  volunteers... putting it togetehr is a huge erector set deal-- i watched the big one-- so i am an expert !  ha... ( sound like... i had a dog once, i know dog training)

well we can always spend money and fix it- but we have no extra money---not that kind... so itis out with the white buckets and pick up rocks... we will need  alot to partailly fill the sono tubes before pouring in concrete. plus we need to get the winter rocks out of the way of the lawn mower. i willl set out those white plastic pails - fill them and leave them over by this operation.

sometime after may 2 sheila obrien mar arrive for our inspection. we have all our   fire extinguishers labeled  with a big red sign...FIRE EXTINGUISHERS- we should be all set.

order of teh day 

get results of the lab work
unload the donkey  trailer
steam clean it and set it up with a outdoor "pee area' fence /HEATER...GET READY FOR SYMON.
dig holes with back hoe and set tubes
stand around and look at it all.
order building --- they have given us  a bargain  not free, but a baRGAIN..

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