Sunday, April 19, 2015

april 10 2015

HAPPY 19TH !  
and we have a cake-- big time cake...  there  is a fancy cake place in danvers which we are trying..  annie sould not pick up yesterda y at the meister ccake place south of boston.  it looks darn ogood-- and is right next to the "brothers deli" in danvers square (great substitute for grandma's cooking)

stew day- and mark is grilling- i don't know how many will show up   -- i bought the biggest cake they could produce on 24 hour notice.. if it is as goog as the other,  megan could pick up on the 18th every month as she wanders around training...
another in my sequence of --- age is not for the meek--- i honestly had to come out of my room and ask pamn to verify the fact that , i could not squeeze  any toothpast out of a new tube of toothpaste.. i was pleased to find she could not either.. so i cut a hole in the other end..- got to be a first..
i had a terrible time with  this " i can no longer " syndrome -- the one thing i was going to do  yesaterday for sure was to powerwash the old green golf cart-- i checked with ryan before he left for a week.. it was working fine ( it can be tempermental.)
 earlier , i did-- with meaty steve--- set 3 posts down by the stream( which did involve climbing in and out to  the tractor many times) and  after my napp i figured i had just enough energy to wash the golf cart-- with great anticipation i walked right up to the garage where  the powser washer is kept, and i could not lift  the garage door. i have had no trouble all winter flipping up that door.
ajay even came to help-- it was already up abotu a foot- and i could see the washer right there.  no dice.. i had to quit..
quitting is not in my normal run of the mill decisions. i was feeling very elderly..
later  i found out, ----some darn fool fixed the electric part of that door and now it was push button--  i never tried the remote which hangs off the tree...
and it is a good thing i didn't because someone else told me  the battery  in the remote is dead..
so teh whole golf cart washing  project was sabatoged from th e start....  but it did have a psycological effect on me.
so i try again today???  without a battery??
  it becomes  "for want of a nail the shoe was lost.... and then the horse.. and the general  and the war.. all for want of a nail"
well i can't wash the golf cart becaus e of a tiny battery.

so i will quit and eat hamburgers... and cake..   " let them eat cake !"  wasn't that the same era as the lost nail??

steve-- (charlie steve)-  is doing a super job with all the dogs-- but espercially wendy and hunter-- who -as best as he can describe it --,  hunter has a centrer of gravity problem which  often propels him forward at increasing speeds til he falls.. in my professional opinion as dog trainer,... the metal walker he was using made him bend over forward to use soe degree creating this bent over problem often seen with walkers.
this is why when someone comes to apply for a dog, i suggest they try holding the back pocket of their caregiver to walk- so they can stand up straighter..  of course if they fall and pull someone's pants down.. that is a minor problem.

apparently some of the doctors in boston have now  also suggested the back pocket method...
just to complete the puppy raising picture... all pups...  9 +4 now have stools which you can hear in the  production  process.
when you can hear  the production .. it is bad...  it is also  smelly ---so where this house usually does not smell like poo,  there are a few minutes  in the scoop and bag process  where  it ain't  the smell of roses.  and as a professional with great experience, squeezing the air out of the poo collection bags before getting it outside is a bad thing. 
have a happy 19th...

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