Friday, April 10, 2015

april 10 2015
late start- i had a nasty go round with goldie ( ghost of the left hand drawer)
she had my glasses and sox and i had to nearly clean my whole room to find them.

for newcommers, goldie once lived in my top left drawer of my desk-
 her persence was noted by an incredible stench.
(this is in a house where incredible smells are not uncommon)
i emptied the drawer many times as i tried anything you camera people 
suggested-- starting with murphy's oil soap- thru vinegar,baking soda,hair spraqy and annesette liquor -
nothing worked- then one day she left- never to come back to the drawer....... yet.

why are  ghost always a "she" ?
probably set up by some chauvinist.
the puppies-- are lovely--- 
these pups arrive with  PET PASSPORTS  all stamped  and official like which include their health info.. like wormed... etc..and smell alot betteer now...-- we tried cleaning up both pup and crate at the airport= and some funny photos must be around somewhere...we fed them 1/2  tray of dog food-- they were hungry after 8 hour flight...and with  the damp food they did not drink.--  they may have been given water-  there is some regulation about that ...   and back in the crates for the ride home...
luckily sheila ( who is related to 86% of  people in authorative positions in massacheutetes ) called her brother who arrainged for us to park.. not one  but 2 vehicles nearly at the door of the terminal.. home and straight into the sink for a quick spray off as it was not 100%  spilled water inthe bottom of thier crates..  lumin had a funny gurgle- which has gone away-- sounded like a stuffy nose or something.-- everybody seems fine this morning...  we will do the stethascope thing later...
in the process of carrying pups and shuffling them around -- we all smelled bad.  no other way to describe it. at one point megan had 3 dripping pups in her lap...

i managed to get cl;eaned up-- but as i usually take a shower and go to bed, i showered  then fell asleep during mail call when steve did n't ask me questions fast enough.
 that was a first... i think...
no particular plan of the day-- young pups have graduated to  the dish racks so we feed more at a time..    got to get back to spoons one on one today- plus yesterday it sounded like 3 were coming down with kennel cough...- i have not heard it today..
there is a vacine for kennel cough--- but i am not sure it works 100% and  i don't think i can give it so young  --4 weeks. if they do have it, it would have come in on someone's shoes/clothes.. another reason to limit the visitors til thy have their shots at 6 weeks.

the new pups will have to be introduced to spoon food  also-- i started a big bowl of dry food--  constantly filled-- so they pick very casually... without excitement. instead of "floor food" snacks as we have been known to do... especially til we get really cleaned up again...
a second report on those stick down mats one of you cp's sent us-- they have been great  just "around" -- i think barbara sopmeon gave them to us  and teh company name is PIG something... 
I DID GET  the eggs stractor yesterday ajnd will buy some store eggs and try it today... no one has reported any success withit..but tonight at mail call i hope i get organized enough to try.
that is if i can find a pan  in which to boil them.  my pan cubbard  has only lids... could be just another one of those goldie things. i kid you not... all lids to pans which have long since left the country... along with the right handed gloves (remember 2 weeks ago i went thru the glove drawer and had 12 left hand gloves and one right hand.. could be goldie aagain)
lots to do to get organized again...

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