Saturday, April 11, 2015

april 11 2015
sheila-- of adi--  the person doing our accreditation-- says we must have a medical form signed by a doctor..  so she sent me the one used by guide dogs for the blind..  
she and i go way back to when she put together neads into a multi milliondollar  episode-- how  big was it you ask??? her office had a tree in it--
 the small trees growing in our rain gutters are not quite the same thing.

i remember.... here we go...  i had a meeting with sheila obrien  once... -- a lunch meeting in a small restaurant near NEADS-- she arrived with a six inch stack of notebooks, red fingernails that were 7 inches long and a dog in a gentle notes were on a 3 x 5 index card in my back pocket, - i had thumper with me and since there was a leash law- and i didn't have one with me, i had a piece of dental floss around his neck...and i had long red fingernails once in my life- and this was not that time.

she is a business woman  big time-- let there be no mistake. and according to janine i should just bite the bullet and use the medical form they do...
so i want to share that with you...  keep in mind  the phrase "need to know" and hyppa...
 these are actual quotes 

page 1 of 7  please indicate if the patient has any of the following .. and the list goes from amputation to vericose veins
page 2 of 7  does the patient follow a special medical diet, if yes provide a copy of the diet.
page 3 of 7  does the patient have hearing aides that require routine servicing.
page 4 of 7   if on seizure med,   what was the last date the Rx level was checked
page 5 of 7  if the patient is on an insulin pump, does the device require routine maintenance?
page 6 of 7   does the patient have any endocrine disorders?
page 7 of 7   list all meds the patient is on including over the counter, include dosage, frequency and condition it is used to treat

the only dr report that is that complete was  of questionable authenticity.
no doctor i ever knew  would fill out  a form that required they be cogniscent of the repair of  one's hearing aides.

if someone has vericose veins- i really don't know  what  i am expected to do about it if they malfunction.

i just can not believe we are expected to collect that info-- once collected it must be kept under lock and key.... and i worry about---if i have collected that info , am i to be required to understand all the latin words, and make judgement on dosage of meds??  i started out training dogs, now i have to go to med school???

i have a policy here--- anyone on the property is responsible for thier own medical issues and i will call the experts at 911.

there is a mistake i made a few years ago which may bail me out--- i somehow ordered a small red wallet thing  'file of life"  for people to carry their own med info-- and i have a box full of the things.
ao anyone on the prop[erty with any kind of medical condition of which you think tohers might need to know... carry one of these thinfga in you r pocket.. 
 i am calling 911- period.
next problem=
i am writing a weelky "blog" - for -  with a 'different'  photo---- i am not sure exactly why or where-- but it would be nice if all you people  went to and found their blog about dogs and click on  liking  SDP.. or whatever--- it is written for people who do not know aqbout us.  the current one is  #6---brownie and peggity as a pup...

best news on  ethyl----
Ethel's results came in today and her platelets are back up to 191k!
She's doing great, tail's wagging and cookies are plentiful. Her prednisone dose
is being lowered today. She'll be seen every week for a bit and if everything
looks good, we'll start tapering off prednisone all together.

All three of us
are settled in Missouri and are enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you! 
** whew !!!!    i am very glkad she sent me the  email directly -- i do not always get the faceboook things megan does...
running this outfit has become more complicated than i ever immagined..... like lally columns in teh cellar, here's   just a couple things  i have had toi deal with   in the past week.
 accused of mismanagement of funds by installing dry wells on my land
being un necessarily strict about  our dogs and pups.
giving fabulous failures to  volunteers
buying things for myself  ---( well they do not involve sdp finances at all so go away)
and the latest  demanding too much 'personal space'   insulted  someone.
probelm is each of these things has a logical reason- which i don't want to discuss on the internet-- however  aome person will get on some soapbox and start hammering me and a few otherw join in.
consider the sequence
more pups= more poo=which has to be laundered=more water= bigger dry wells=costing money there is no solution   shlt happens  ( note that small case L  to get around banned words:)
and i am not going to wash puppy laundry in machines i use for myself..... sorry....
time to make the donuts --- or go buy lamb chops for meaty steve...
p.s.  the eggstractor  was good fun-- alot of laughs--- we had a good time  with it... which was it's purpose in my case----
 it did peal one egg... out of a dozen... proving the concept is valid-- but something needs perfecting.

 today's thought
 Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. 


  1. To counterbalance the criticism of use of funds: YOU give all your waking hours to this project. YOUR house is used, YOUR property is used, YOU have organized a staff of volunteers to make it possible, no one could have a paid staff that large! YOU have given your expertise in breeding, raising and training the dogs. YOU and your staff make herculean efforts on a daily basis to maintain clean sanitary kennels, runs, puppy rooms, etc. And it takes a lot of laundry to do that. As to the Fabulous Failures, what else should you do with them? They are good dogs, great dogs even and the alternative solution is grim and stupid. In the time I have been visiting SDP on this site, I have not heard of one single unnecessary expenditure of monies. YOU even provide the 'prize' money for the chicken bricks from YOUR OWN funds! Let the critics put that in their pipe and smoke it! Along with whatever else they may have been smoking to make them so dopey!
    GO GIRL!

  2. Ditto, Bubblankatt, could not have been said better!

  3. Ditto, Bubblankatt, could not have been said better!